Thursday, April 30, 2009

kindness creates a blessing

Love Dare Challenge day 2:
All morning I have been pondering over the 40 day love dare challenge, why is this only a 40 day challenge? The Bible says we need to be like Him, act like Him, do things He would do. Why is that so hard for us as Christians? Being a servant, unselfish, patient and kind is all part of who God created us to be. Why have we all strayed from that? To be honest with you I have for sometime now, giving excuses like "oh I have kids now", "I am too busy", "I have a husband to take care of", or I need more “me” time. One minute I will breath the sweet air of heaven and the next minute choke on my own selfishness. There have been many times I wanted more in life, better material items for myself and my kids. Never thinking that we would be struggling through tough financial times, loose a home, or give back a vehicle because we could not afford the payments. BUT it happened, we are normal and have our imperfections just like everyone else. I am walking closer with the Lord right now that I ever have and I know one day my creator will bring me up to his holy grounds, place my crown of glory on me, and allow me to live beyond my wildest dreams.

After the gym this morning I washed Chris' car, filled his middle console with chewing gum (he chewsgum a lot since he has quit smoking) and topped of his gas tank . All very simple things but I feel so joyful that I did it for him, even if he does not notice. I feel good today, really good and I want you to as well. Kindness is an action of love. Patience avoids a problem; kindness creates a blessing. You will never learn to love until you learn to demonstrate kindness.

I challenge you to do one act of kindness today, no matter how small or how large I would love to hear about it.

Arriving home after the gym this morning the dishwasher had been loaded and was running, beds were made, Jalen was showered and ready for school, and Liam was up and changed. How much did this book cost me?

“Do not let kindness and truth leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. So you will find favor and good repute in the sight of God and man” Proverbs 3:3-4

Lover you all,

Pure prefection!

Went to the hospital last night to meet baby Jack and see how Kirsten (banana bread neighbor) was feeling. She has traveled a rough journey thus far and is still not feeling that well. Having a full hysterectomy, a c-section, numerous pints of blood between Monday and Tuesday, lots of bruises from the poking and prodding, and unbearable gas pains. It will be a blessing to see her home, enjoying her baby, and feeling well soon.

What can I say about Jack except that he is 6lbs. 13ozs. Of pure perfection! The pictures do not do him justice, he is absolutely beautiful.

Daddy has been by Mama's side helping her with Jack only leaving to take the two little girls to the doctor for ear infections and pink eye. At least the girls started their antibiotics earlier this week and will be in tip top shape by the time their baby brother arrives home.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best $14.99 I ever spent!

This morning when I came home from the gym Chris had the bed made, kids showered/bathed and was folding laundry! This can be your husband too! *Disclaimer below*

Honey and I started the 40-day Love Dare challenge last night. It is for husbands and wives to understand and practice unconditional love. Whether you are hanging on by a thread with your spouse or your marriage is stronger than ever it is a journey you must take.
The Love Dare ($14.99) is from the hit movie Fireproof, written by Stephan & Alex Kendrick. I hope that you will follow this journey with myself and Chris and even go on one with of your own with your Honey. I will share more with you as we strengthen our marriage and our walk with the Lord. I am not afraid to tell you no marriage is perfect, every marriage can get better!

Day 1's dare is to demonstrate patience by saying nothing negative to your spouse at all. This is a lot harder than most would think and it is only 2pm my time!

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love - Ephesians 4:2 NIV

*Chris is not like most men, don't expect your honey to be folding laundry on day 1 with out being asked. The Love Dare is not a journey to try to change your spouse, this will end in great frustration and failure. Think of this as a path to learning how to love another imperfect person unconditionally.

Hold your tongue and say nothing you will regret,

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unicorns and Pink Paint.....

Sound heavenly right?
Today while driving Olivia asked me if she could get a white unicorn. Normal request for a 4 year old princess right? "Maybe one day baby" I said....Sitting quietly in the back she informs me "I am going to ride my unicorn all the way up to heaven to say hi to Jess." I just smiled at her. A worried look came into her eyes, "mama will the Army guys shot me down while I am on my unicorn?" After explaining that Army guys only shoot bad guys and they would know she was a good guy she was at peace. Jalen loves telling her Army guy stories, some may be too scary for her.

Liam was down for a nap this afternoon while I mowed the back yard and weeded the garden. (I will post pictures of the garden soon, it is growing in beautifully.) Livie tidied her playhouse and had moved onto swinging. I asked her "So how does the yard look, don't you love it all cleaned up?" Nodding her head yes she said "mama you know what I want you to do, paint the walls of the fence pink, my swing set pink, and my play house pink. After you paint it all pink Jess will think it is heaven, she will come down with God and we can have a tea right here at my table." What a tea party that would be!

It has been so hard on our kids and us. How can we explain to a 4 year old that Jess is not coming back to this earth when as adults we barely understand?

Jalen has not said too much but does get teary over talking about Jess. He did say a few kids at school had made fun of him for having someone in his family die. I am assuming the mother of one of these 2nd grade angels reads the blog and told their child.

If anyone has any suggestions or book recommendations I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Please feel free to leave me a comment below.

Thank you for being you,

Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27, 2009 Baby J is almost here!

My dear neighbor Kirsten has left to the hospital with her husband to deliver baby J. Mommy will have a c-section at noon and should be in the operating room for a few hours for the Dr.'s to complete the hysterectomy. Kirsten has been peaceful this last week and she fully understands that today is in His hands.

Please continue to pray for this family throughout the day. If I did not believe in the power of these prayers, I would not call on you.

I just spoke with Miss Ella who is the BIG sister and she is thrilled that she is going to see her baby brother this afternoon. Baby J will have two big sisters, Ella (5)and Olivia (18 months), Olivia and Liam were born just a few hours apart from each other at the same hospital!

Kirsten, we are praying for the complete healing of your body and for J's safe arrival!

Thank you for your prayers and kindness,

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finding peace

Just a few hours ago Jess's memorial service in California came to an end. It has been two weeks today since she entered the gates of His kingdom. I know that many people have been praying over these past few weeks... I have sensed those prayers, I have been strengthened and renewed by them, and I have been able to get thru these days because of them. The emails, cards and comments have meant the world to me. Thank you, I feel so blessed to have you as a part of my life.

Losing someone at such a young age brings so many varied feelings no matter what the circumstances are. The truth is that it's 14 days later and I don't understand it any better than when I was standing at her bedside, removing her wedding ring for Matt, and brushing her hair off of her beautiful forehead. I won't understand it any better in a few weeks when we receive the results from the medical examiners office. The findings will really mean nothing to me, bottom line is that she is gone from this earth. The Lord was the only one who knew her fate all along.

He allows us to all grieve in numerous patterns and time frames. While yes, I am sad she is gone, I miss her deeply, and think of her constantly BUT I am at peace with her going to be with our God. Of course, the only way to know that peace is to know Him. Nothing I say can make you believe in His love the way He desires you to.

Tonight, tomorrow and throughout the coming months, without fail I will continue to trust in Him to heal myself and the rest of the people that loved Jessica so much.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Crazy 8's

My Chihuahua Bites is a great blog site where I got this idea from. If you would like to do you own list as well get at it and leave me a comment I want to read yours too.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. Watching the kids in sporting events.
2. Keziah's birthday pictures, 1700's theme.
3. Meeting Amy Fraughton (photographer) in San Diego for our Christmas card pictures in the fall.
4. Working out/dieting, getting to my goal weight.
5. My sisters getting married to men that they are equally yoked with and have lots of babies for me to spoil.
6. The Brittney Spears Concert tonight!
7. Keziah getting pregnant.
8. Cardinal's football season to begin and go all of the way this year...I love Kurt Warner!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Actually fixed my hair.
2. Met a online friend for the fist time face to face.
3. Washed all of our bedding.
4. Went to the gym.
5. Made a wipe case.
6. Put on make-up.
7. Took Olivia for a speech assessment with the school district (she refused to talk to anyone there, we had to reschedule for June 1st.)
8. Ate a slice....okay it was actually a "mini" peach pie by myself.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Finish college with some sort of a degree.
2. Hike the Grand Canyon.
3. Read a book with out being interrupted.
4. Have 18 year old boobs that have never fed babies. Would that be tacky to start a donation fund on here for them?
5. Getting a English Bulldog "show dog" and winning a ribbon. (no comments)
6. Joining a woman's bible study, do you know of one?
7. Adopt a baby.
8. Restore an old car myself in my garage.

8 Shows I Watch:

1. Lost
2. 24
3. CNN/Headline news
4. News on Channel 3, BUT now I am mad at them for getting rid of Brad Perry so I switched to 12 news.
5. Dora
6. Sesame Street
7. Max and Ruby
8. Charlie and Lola

Tag now you are it on your blog or site...

Happy Friday!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

I want to be a Southern Belle....

I belong to a online moms group, it started through a few years ago. The Lord sent these friends to me when I was really in need of a one, as were they. Meeting these magnificent women and getting to know them over the last few years has blessed my life tremendously. The group of 20+ ladies live all across the country, one even residing in Canadian territory.
Whenever anyone from the board is traveling to another state they try to meet up with the other gals living there. I was fortunate enough to come face to face with one today!

Mandy H., The Southern Belle from North Carolina flew into Arizona to visit with family today. Mandy, her honey and their adorable kids along with Mimi H. met myself and the two younger kids for lunch.

Meeting Mandy was awesome, she is truly just as pleasant in "real life." It was just like getting together with an old friend. Miss. Mandy has been the 2nd one I have been honored to meet, Kristi being the 1st. I look forward to meeting more of these outstanding ladies and sharing in their lives for many years to come.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dairy Queen & New Earrings!

Daddy took Livie shopping at the Mall for new earrings last night. She was on cloud nine when she came home wearing them! Aren't they absolutely beautiful? She said they look like water balloons!

On a completely different subject we both decided we wanted the kids so have less sugar. We both vowed that we would not allow them to eat any junk, at least for a week. Sunday and Monday were not too bad, after hiding all of the sweet treats in the house. It was harder for me since I knew were they were. For those of you that don’t know...(are you sitting down?)I have recently lost 100+ LBS. Yes, I was that fat, please don't act like you never noticed. I love my sweets and baked goods.
Any who, Chris brought the two older kids home form the mall last night, they were both eating Blizzards!

When he came in:

Me: "I can't believe you took them to Dairy Queen, I have been trying so hard to not let them have anything bad."

Chris: "I thought it was like a desert since they ate all their dinner, I did not get myself anything."

I said nothing just continued to clean up and headed into the bath room to get ready to give Liam a bath.

Chris comes into the bathroom:
Chris: "Oh, my stomach hurts."

Me: "Why?"

"Probably because I ate half of Olivia's Blizzard."

Me: "I thought you did not have any?"

Chris: "I said, I did not get myself anything."

Me: "As long as we are being honest and getting everything out in the open…. I took the kids to Dairy Queen today too! I was shopping and they were starting to fuss so I bought the ice cream cones."

Chris: "Those brats they never said a one word...."

How smart are my kids?


Monday, April 20, 2009

Mud Pie Baby Shoes Giveaway..

I know, I know so many girly giveaways... BUT lets face it moms, there's some adorable stuff out there for girls and not much for our sweet baby boys. I promise to post a boys giveaway tomorrow.
I saw these shoes and fell in love with them I was originally buying them for my best friend Keziah(who is not actually pregnant nor does she have any kids) I have decided to go with another theme for all of the stuff I am getting for her baby hope chest(at least I'm hoping). I am sure if you continue to follow I will share more about my dear friend and the chest I have started for her first born...girl. Fingers crossed!
These little booties are made by Mud Pie, isn't their stuff the cutest? They say Newborn - 6 months. They are pretty small, I would say newborn. The box they come in looks like a credit card, shoes are also embroidered with a H M for high maintenance.

The giveaway starts today and will end at midnight, Friday May 1st. I will randomly pick a winner on the 2nd. More comments you leave the more entries.


1. You must be a follower.

2. You can enter once per day by leaving a comment.

3. Make sure you either leave your email address or have it linked to your profile.

Winner will be announced on May 2nd! Good Luck to all of my faithful readers.

Yours truly,

Jessica Terry Self's CA memorial service

Jessica's memorial service will be held at Calvary Chapel of Gridley, CA on Saturday, April 25th at 5:30 p.m.. The church is at 210 Park Street (the corner of Park and Cedar St.) in Gridley, California. Refreshments will be served in the church's Fellowship Hall immediately following the service.

In lieu of flowers etc., Jessica's husband Matt has asked that donations be made in Jessica's memory to the Sacramento Children's Crisis Nurseries or the Phoenix Crisis Nursery, both charities were very close to Jessica's heart. You may find them on the web at:
Sacramento -
Phoenix -

We all miss you Jess.

When you are with your kids, husband and other loved ones tonight give them a hug/kiss, tell them how much you love them.
Make sure people know how important they are in your lives, you never know when it will be the last time you see someone.


Norstrom baby blanket giveaway!

Nordstrom Layette Organic Cotton Receiving Blanket. Very cute white and gray print of Nordstrom's name, still has the $28 price tag. Would make a great snugly gift or keep it for your little baby.
Dimensions: 40" x 30".
Organic cotton; machine wash.
By Nordstrom Layette; imported.

Giveaway starts today and will end at midnight on Wednesday the 29th. I will announce a winner on the 30th. I will randomly draw a name, you can enter once per day. More days you enter the more of a chance you will have to win! Good Luck!

Rules to Enter:
1. Must be a follower, sign up on the left of your screen.

2. Leave one comment per day to be entered, tell me who it is for, even if it is for you!

3. Make sure you leave me a email address either on the comment or on your profile.

Good luck friends,

Bling Flip Flops, Ben Afflect, and Sharing Rooms

My sister, Jessica made Olivia these darling flip flops. She has started doing hair accessories but several people had asked her about flip flops so she gave it a whirl. You can see for yourself how stinking cute they are, she even included a matching hair clip. Interested in the Blinged out flip flops like these? You can email me for her contact info, believe the cost is about $20. Planning on getting Livie's collection of hair accessories together for you to see as well. Really everything she makes is super stylish and reasonable. Look for Converse with diamonds and ribbon laces to soon follow!

Chris and I tried to stay busy this weekend and keep ourselves upbeat. Sunday we headed to church, wonderful service and Pastor's wife had on the cutest jeans ever! I wonder if a clothing store in Scottsdale is dressing them? Then off to Costco for "necessities" and lunch. We have been wanting to move the two little ones to a room together, after putting Liam down for a nap I went to Home Goods in search of bedding for Olivia. If you have a Home Goods anywhere in your state I highly recommend going for a afternoon, without kids. I figured I would do their room on Monday and Tuesday but I couldn't wait! Anyone who has witnessed me move knows I decorate everything the day we move it. It'll take a little time for the two kiddos to get used to but it looks so peaceful and soft. I love it!

On another note for those that have been concerned about Jess's, husband Matt. Chris and I went to a movie on Saturday night with him, we had a good time. Matt is doing as well as can be expected. Sure we all thought about Jess, telling funny stories about her (which are all pretty much funny) it really made us miss her. Remembering how when you are at a movie with Jess she will answer her phone (Thanks Vanessa) or send/receive text messages (Thanks Christine) Knowing that Matt is going to be okay and that Jess is livin it up at the Lord's table, eating the meals of her life does put a smile on my face. Jess, do they have your Code Red up there?

Now your asking "Hmmm I wonder what movie they saw?" State of Play staring the handsome, Ben Afflect! While it did really glamorized what life is like as journalist it was is a plot-packed movie. Definitely a 5 out of 5. Jaime and Jason (Chris's brother & our sister-in-law)along with myself and Chris get to review a movie on Saturday night. Harkins is not allowed to tell us what movie it is going to be but they said something action packed that will be released this summer. I will of course spill the beans on here by Sunday afternoon. Sounds pretty top secret, no phones, cameras, or big purses. Any ideas on how I can still sneak my movie candy in?

Hope you all have a good week ahead.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Bone marrow results

Just wanted to post a bit of uplifting news Papa Jim received his bone marrow test results yesterday. As far as the results go prayers have been answered by showing no cancer cells!!! Now we all play the waiting game with him. The Doctors have yet to tell Papa how they will proceed with the mass on the kidney or the lymphoma. I will continue to update you as we receive information.

Our family is walking strong with the Lord through all that we have endured over the last month or so. I am not going to lie when I tell you I am ready for this stormy season to pass. I hope He brings warm, sunny, and blooming days as we enter summer.

Blessings to you and yours,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Merci beaucoup, Thank you, Grazie, Gracias and Toda raba!

I was shocked by how many people came forward to help with Jessica's memorial service and luncheon today. First of all a huge thanks to the organizer extraordinaire Johnna Leach. When I told my mom that we needed to organize lunch she called Johnna and they got everything together before the day's end. Johnna has known the Rolingers and the Selfs since about 1988. She is truly an amazing, spirit filled woman.

Gracias to Johnna for bringing all of the beverages for today. I am so glad you brought your tack board too it ended up being perfect for the pictures. Thank you for also helping my mom and I set up Tuesday night and take down today. You are awesome! I can't wait to help you with Baby Gayle's wedding and baby shower one day.

Merci to Collen Love, for the croissant sandwiches, they were delicious. By the way LOVE your last name.

Ms. Julie Everhart, Pasta Salad and Pumpkin Spice Dessert Bars. Okay we are still talking about both things you brought, soooo yummy. A skinny chef is a rarity you know! Thank you so much for also helping us serve today and set up. You went so far and above your call of duty.
Thank you.

This is where we set the luncheon up at. The tables looked really cute with the purple flower baskets and white linens.

Grazie to Wendy Rossi for all of the bags of Chips. Perfect choices!

Danke to Donna Gentile (Johnna's sister-in-law) for the veggie tray. Everyone loves a veggie tray.

Kathy Leach Arigato (thank you in japanese) for the two Bundt Cakes. They were so good.

Theresa Snider, brownie bites...need I say more? Delicious. Thanks!

Kerry LaBarbera, komapsumnida (thank you in Korean) the 6 cases of water bottles were much needed and we appreciate you being so generous.

Ms. Jennifer Johnson (Jessica's sweet friend) thank you so much for bringing the fruit tray. You are such a great gal and I feel blessed to have met you. Hope we get to know each other better.

Brenda Hartman (long time family friend to the Selfs, Vineyard originals) Thanks so much for your monetary donation towards the food. Hope you had a wonderful time in Hawaii.

Janet leach Dziękuję (thank you in Polish) for your monetary donation. It was much appreciated and needed towards the food. Thanks for your support.

Here are the flowers my parents did for the front of the church.

I have to give a special THANK YOU as well to my mama, Terri Rolinger thank you mom for helping us set up and tear down everything. Not to mention the Potato Salad, Broccoli Salad, Veggie Tray, and flowers. You have made my week less stressful. I appreciate and love you.

Most of all I would also like to thank Vineyard Church. They not only let us use the church for free but someone stayed late last night while we set up and then stayed today while we cleaned everything up after lunch. Pastor Jack married all of the Self kids including Chris and myself. If you ever have the chance you should visit the church. They have so much to offer.

I know there are probably so many people I am missing but everyone who helped us truly went out of their way. I can't thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for all you guys did. Most of you never even had the chance to meet Jessica.

God works in magnificent ways doesn't He?

Love you and thank you,
From The Entire Self and Terry Families

April 15, 2009

It was a beautiful day, and God made Himself present in amazing ways. The flowers everyone sent were so pretty, she would have loved them. There are a lot of moments I will treasure from today, and I will share more with you as time goes by. Along with many many thank yous.

This gorgeous arrangement came from The Alabama Selfs! They were so pretty, I loved all the colors. Thanks you guys, we miss you.

These beautiful flowers were sent from The City of Phoenix. Lila, my mother-in-law works for the city. Thank you City of Phoenix!

Such a pretty bright yellow bouquet that worked out perfect in the front of the church. They were from Channel 12, were Matt (Jessica's husband) works. This was very generous and I can't thank you enough.

I wanted to share some photos with those who couldn't make it today. I will post a "thank you" list shortly. I am so humbled by the way people came out of the wood work to donate money/food for the lunch. Some people had never even met Jess, they had just heard about what a wonderful person she was.

This is the table I put together with black and white pictures of Jessica, candles and photo matte that the guests signed. This photo matte will also be signed at the California memorial as well.

I know for me it is so easy to just play things over and over from the hospital, and I am asking the Lord to simply erase the hard parts and help us to cling to who she was. Show us the Glory of your dwelling place.

I want to thank you in advance for the way I know you will lift us up in prayer, and know it will sustain us in the coming days.

With much love, and more gratitude than I can articulate,

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jessica Terry Self's Memorial Service


You are more than welcome to join us Wednesday April 15th at 10am to celebrate Jessica's life. Service will begin at 10 am at Vineyard Community Church, there will be a lunch immediately following.

Vineyard Community Church
601 South Cooper Road
Gilbert, AZ 85233

Come rejoice with us on this day. Jess is healed, she has filled our lives with joy, many laughs, and love.

Jess was rocking Liam to sleep for me. She so loved the kids and longed to have her own someday. If you are a mommy of a baby taken home too soon please know your angel will not go unrocked....

Thank you for loving my family through this time,
Love, Kristen

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beauty in the midst of suffering.....

Easter service was incredible and was crucial to getting our family through the day. Thank you Pastor Terry!
What a absolutely beautiful day, despairing but beautiful. If God can raise his son from the dead, he can save us from ANYTHING.

Jessica and Mama Lisa...

After service went to the Self's and were together with Jess's parents (Jon and Lisa)and brother (Justin) for most of the day. Please pray for her admirable family at this time, they are hurting so deeply. Justin's wife Angelica and their daughter will fly in tomorrow along with Jessica's Grandma and Kieth (Lisa's fiance). I think it will ease their agony being encircled by more family.

Today was one of the most difficult days of my life, but I can truly see the healing hands of God at work in all of us. Why was today harder than yesterday? I am not sure, yesterdays events are engraved in my mind and continue to replay. I saw things yesterday I never want to see again. They are all settling in now.

Lord, I am empty, I am in disbelief. I wanted it to be different. You could have left her with us yesterday if you had so chose to heal her FOREVER instead....and so, we come humbly, weeping, our heads bowed, and we just ask for you to help us survive this grief.

His name is Jesus, and He gives.

His name is Jesus, and He takes away.

He is still on the throne

My favorite kid pic of Jess! Priceless....

I will post again tomorrow to keep you all informed...

Humbly, grateful, and in hope,

A loss in our family....

I am sorry to let you know that this morning at around 10:30 AM my sister in law Jessica Terry Self passed away. At the moment doctors are unsure to the reasons why. They do have some ideas but we will not know more until the reports are completed. I will share more details and information as I feel comfortable to do so.
Chris and I along with the rest of the family have been at the hospital for most of the night and morning. We know Jess gone home to be with the Lord on this holiest of weekends.
Please keep our family and The Terry Family in your prayers today. Say a special prayer for her husband Matt Self.
I ask that I not receive any phone calls at this time. We have told our kids but do not want to keep talking about it in front of them.

With Love,

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bling Travel Wipe Case Giveaway!!!

You could be getting this travel wipe case out of your diaper bag next time! Or this could be a truly memorable gift for that posh mama that has it all and loves to flaunt it. This was made by moi and is done in gold and chocolate w/diamonds. This is the rage among all of the celebubabies!

#1 You have to first be a follower of (this site)

#2 You have to leave a comment on why you or someone else "needs" it. (Don't be shy mama it can be for your little one.)

On Friday, April the 17th at 11pm the giveaway will be closed for entries. I will pick someone and announce the winner on Saturday. The wipe case will be shipped on the following Monday.

Add a dash of sparkle and bling to your babies world.

P.S. If you would like to order a Travel Wipe Case email me at Most cases are $15, a case just like this would be $20.

Don't forget to enter the Mad Sky Dress giveaway listed below!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Banana Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Bread...

Banana Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Bread...
I found this recipe on a fellow blogers site a week or so back. I could not stop thinking about it. Do you ever have those nights? I had to post the recipe for you guys it turned out delicious. I am not really a dough/batter taster but goodness gracious I might have been able to make 4 loaves before I started tasting it.
I ended up with 3 loaves, called Papa right after putting it in the oven. I knew Nana and Papa would devour it. We have two left..well one and a half. I am being greedy now.


1/2 cup margarine or butter
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup mashed banana
1/2 cup chopped nuts (omit if you don't like nuts)
1/2 cup sour cream
1 12 oz. bag chocolate chips


1. Grease 1 large loaf pan.
2. Cream margarine, sugar, eggs and vanilla.
3. Add dry ingredients, then bananas, nuts and sour cream.
4. Mix in chocolate chips and/or nuts
5. Mix well.
6. Bake at 350 F for 1 hour.

Note: I doubled this recipe to make more than one loaf.

Happy baking,

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

APRIL GIVEAWAY!!! Mad Sky dress....

This is a Mad Sky two piece outfit for a girl in 12 months. This little dress is so stinkin cute. This dress retails for about $44.00 and can be found @

Mad Sky Tank Set brand new with tags stil attached.
Size 12 months
100% organic cotton.
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.
Not intended for sleepwear.

To enter you have to be a follower of (this blog). If you are not click on the FOLLOW button to the left of your screen and follow us. Leave me a comment letting me know you are now following and want to be entered. To those of you that are already following you just need to leave me a comment telling me you would like to be entered.
You must enter by 11pm on the 14th. I will randomly draw one of the followers on Wednesday the 15th of April. This would make a great gift for your little princess or a little one you know.

#1. Sign up as a follower!
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Good luck to all of you!