Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pure prefection!

Went to the hospital last night to meet baby Jack and see how Kirsten (banana bread neighbor) was feeling. She has traveled a rough journey thus far and is still not feeling that well. Having a full hysterectomy, a c-section, numerous pints of blood between Monday and Tuesday, lots of bruises from the poking and prodding, and unbearable gas pains. It will be a blessing to see her home, enjoying her baby, and feeling well soon.

What can I say about Jack except that he is 6lbs. 13ozs. Of pure perfection! The pictures do not do him justice, he is absolutely beautiful.

Daddy has been by Mama's side helping her with Jack only leaving to take the two little girls to the doctor for ear infections and pink eye. At least the girls started their antibiotics earlier this week and will be in tip top shape by the time their baby brother arrives home.



  1. Happy to get on this moring and see Jack's sweet little face. Hope mom gets to feeling good soon.


  2. What a sweetie! He is adorable and I hope mommy feels better soon :-)

  3. What a sweetie pie and I love that blanket. So cute and tiny.

    Hope mom is up and feeling better soon. Praying for a quick recovery.

    Jessica B.

  4. OMG he is so sweet! I hope mom is home from the hospital by now ad feeling much better.

    I am seeing my niece, 2 weeks old, for the first time next month, I can hardly wait.

    ~Monica K.