Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Merci beaucoup, Thank you, Grazie, Gracias and Toda raba!

I was shocked by how many people came forward to help with Jessica's memorial service and luncheon today. First of all a huge thanks to the organizer extraordinaire Johnna Leach. When I told my mom that we needed to organize lunch she called Johnna and they got everything together before the day's end. Johnna has known the Rolingers and the Selfs since about 1988. She is truly an amazing, spirit filled woman.

Gracias to Johnna for bringing all of the beverages for today. I am so glad you brought your tack board too it ended up being perfect for the pictures. Thank you for also helping my mom and I set up Tuesday night and take down today. You are awesome! I can't wait to help you with Baby Gayle's wedding and baby shower one day.

Merci to Collen Love, for the croissant sandwiches, they were delicious. By the way LOVE your last name.

Ms. Julie Everhart, Pasta Salad and Pumpkin Spice Dessert Bars. Okay we are still talking about both things you brought, soooo yummy. A skinny chef is a rarity you know! Thank you so much for also helping us serve today and set up. You went so far and above your call of duty.
Thank you.

This is where we set the luncheon up at. The tables looked really cute with the purple flower baskets and white linens.

Grazie to Wendy Rossi for all of the bags of Chips. Perfect choices!

Danke to Donna Gentile (Johnna's sister-in-law) for the veggie tray. Everyone loves a veggie tray.

Kathy Leach Arigato (thank you in japanese) for the two Bundt Cakes. They were so good.

Theresa Snider, brownie bites...need I say more? Delicious. Thanks!

Kerry LaBarbera, komapsumnida (thank you in Korean) the 6 cases of water bottles were much needed and we appreciate you being so generous.

Ms. Jennifer Johnson (Jessica's sweet friend) thank you so much for bringing the fruit tray. You are such a great gal and I feel blessed to have met you. Hope we get to know each other better.

Brenda Hartman (long time family friend to the Selfs, Vineyard originals) Thanks so much for your monetary donation towards the food. Hope you had a wonderful time in Hawaii.

Janet leach Dziękuję (thank you in Polish) for your monetary donation. It was much appreciated and needed towards the food. Thanks for your support.

Here are the flowers my parents did for the front of the church.

I have to give a special THANK YOU as well to my mama, Terri Rolinger thank you mom for helping us set up and tear down everything. Not to mention the Potato Salad, Broccoli Salad, Veggie Tray, and flowers. You have made my week less stressful. I appreciate and love you.

Most of all I would also like to thank Vineyard Church. They not only let us use the church for free but someone stayed late last night while we set up and then stayed today while we cleaned everything up after lunch. Pastor Jack married all of the Self kids including Chris and myself. If you ever have the chance you should visit the church. They have so much to offer.

I know there are probably so many people I am missing but everyone who helped us truly went out of their way. I can't thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for all you guys did. Most of you never even had the chance to meet Jessica.

God works in magnificent ways doesn't He?

Love you and thank you,
From The Entire Self and Terry Families


  1. I wish I could have made it there to pay my respects 'in person' at the service. I have been checking your blog every day and really look forward to the updates on how everyone is doing. The service looks absolutely as beautiful as I am sure she is. She really seems like an amazing person and I know will be missed by many however, she will be as well a wonderful angel serving the Lord in Heaven. Take great care and God Bless, Christina W.

  2. Kristen:
    A great church is a blessing to all. We attended one when we lived in Phoenix. A small church in Buckeye, White Tanks Baptist Church. Our youngest has been adopted by them and they are so small. They have kept he and his fiance' in groceries, they are providing everything for their wedding (April 29th at noon & we will miss it sadly), they have helped them with their new baby. I am grateful for out extended family and when you find a church that believes in blessing others, it is amazing!

  3. Dearest Kristen:
    Just a note to commend you on your selflessness and your servants heart, I know the Lord is soooo proud of you, His daughter. You are a precious gift to all who know you and all who come in contact with you. When you stand where I'm standing it is an awesome blessing and pleasure to have watched you grow from such a beautiful young girl into such a beautiful, loving, caring, giving woman. I always say "Actions speak louder than words" and your actions, the way you live your life, speaks volumes. Your heart for the Lord, your devotion to your husband, children, family and friends is an example to all who know you. My prayer for you is for continued blessing in your life, your marriage and those relationships that you hold dear. I am thankful that the Lord brought the Rolingers and the Leachs paths together so many years many fun times and great memories to reflect on. Keep being the wonderful "you" that you are and know that you are touching many lives by allowing Him to flow through your heart out to others.
    Much love and many hugs,