Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dairy Queen & New Earrings!

Daddy took Livie shopping at the Mall for new earrings last night. She was on cloud nine when she came home wearing them! Aren't they absolutely beautiful? She said they look like water balloons!

On a completely different subject we both decided we wanted the kids so have less sugar. We both vowed that we would not allow them to eat any junk, at least for a week. Sunday and Monday were not too bad, after hiding all of the sweet treats in the house. It was harder for me since I knew were they were. For those of you that don’t know...(are you sitting down?)I have recently lost 100+ LBS. Yes, I was that fat, please don't act like you never noticed. I love my sweets and baked goods.
Any who, Chris brought the two older kids home form the mall last night, they were both eating Blizzards!

When he came in:

Me: "I can't believe you took them to Dairy Queen, I have been trying so hard to not let them have anything bad."

Chris: "I thought it was like a desert since they ate all their dinner, I did not get myself anything."

I said nothing just continued to clean up and headed into the bath room to get ready to give Liam a bath.

Chris comes into the bathroom:
Chris: "Oh, my stomach hurts."

Me: "Why?"

"Probably because I ate half of Olivia's Blizzard."

Me: "I thought you did not have any?"

Chris: "I said, I did not get myself anything."

Me: "As long as we are being honest and getting everything out in the open…. I took the kids to Dairy Queen today too! I was shopping and they were starting to fuss so I bought the ice cream cones."

Chris: "Those brats they never said a one word...."

How smart are my kids?



  1. Too funny! My kids would have done the same thing.


  2. That is hilarious.... haha!!!

    Way to go on loosing 100+ lbs thats awesome!

  3. Oh, my grandkids would have sealed their lips shut with super glue if they were getting a second trip to DQ. Thanks for sharing that laugh!