Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unicorns and Pink Paint.....

Sound heavenly right?
Today while driving Olivia asked me if she could get a white unicorn. Normal request for a 4 year old princess right? "Maybe one day baby" I said....Sitting quietly in the back she informs me "I am going to ride my unicorn all the way up to heaven to say hi to Jess." I just smiled at her. A worried look came into her eyes, "mama will the Army guys shot me down while I am on my unicorn?" After explaining that Army guys only shoot bad guys and they would know she was a good guy she was at peace. Jalen loves telling her Army guy stories, some may be too scary for her.

Liam was down for a nap this afternoon while I mowed the back yard and weeded the garden. (I will post pictures of the garden soon, it is growing in beautifully.) Livie tidied her playhouse and had moved onto swinging. I asked her "So how does the yard look, don't you love it all cleaned up?" Nodding her head yes she said "mama you know what I want you to do, paint the walls of the fence pink, my swing set pink, and my play house pink. After you paint it all pink Jess will think it is heaven, she will come down with God and we can have a tea right here at my table." What a tea party that would be!

It has been so hard on our kids and us. How can we explain to a 4 year old that Jess is not coming back to this earth when as adults we barely understand?

Jalen has not said too much but does get teary over talking about Jess. He did say a few kids at school had made fun of him for having someone in his family die. I am assuming the mother of one of these 2nd grade angels reads the blog and told their child.

If anyone has any suggestions or book recommendations I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Please feel free to leave me a comment below.

Thank you for being you,


  1. I will go through some of our bereavement books tonight and see if any are appropriate for you, I'm off tomorrow if I find any I can drop them by on my errand runnging...

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  3. Hi Kristen I so love your blog~! GUESS WHAT I have awarded you a fantastic AWARD so please stop by and pick it up please