Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Past 24 Hours

Maddie and Austin got to hang out this weekend! We have enjoyed them so much, they are just the cutest!
San Tan Mall splash pad and outdoor play area was a hit!
Liam didn't think the terriaki chicken was as yummy as everyone else.
Supper heroes to the rescue! Liam, I mean Minnie Mouse ran out to check the mail.

Olivia is not one of Micheal Jackson's kids, we do let her show her face in public!
Lil ladies out walking their baby.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Whose Kids Are These?

"Hello" my name is Branson.

We had over some friends on Tuesday to play! I had to snap some shots of their 7 month old to show you! YES, I said 7 month old...You could seriously just eat him he is so stinkin cute.
Kenlie, Branson's 3 year old sis had a blast with Olivia. The girls spent the afternoon dinning with a Strawberry Shortcake tea and plate set.
Thanks for a great play date!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

You Won't Burn Your Thighs On the Swings Here!

This is a prime example of what we have to do in Arizona by the end of the summer, when we just can't take the heat any longer!

P.S. Shh Honey has not seen this yet!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wipe Case Giveaway!

To start off a 3 week count down to our one year anniversary I am giving away this beautiful wipe case made by myself. It could be for a boy, girl, your side door pocket in the family vehicle, or a wonderful shower gift! A travel wipe case is a must for the mom on the go even if your little ones are out of diapers. Do they ever stop needing wipes?
Starts today and entering is a piece of cake! Only two requirements....
  1. Be a follower!

  2. Leave a comment!

The best part is you can enter once per day! If you tweet, facebook, or blog about this giveaway please leave me a comment letting me know. This giveaway ends on the 16th at 11:59pm.

Thanks again for your time! Hope you love the wipe case.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A year time has flown by!

Can't believe I started this blog over a year ago. Seems like it was just yesterday when I was calling a friend to ask here how to turn a computer on. (Love you Kez)

I am putting up a few giveaways to thank you for your time, prayers and the way you have loved my family through all of the hard times this last year has brought us.

There have been so many awesome, amazing, and truly heart felt moments that have come from this blog. I have had 4 friends come to know Christ just in the past year....two were just baptized in water. For just one person out there to strengthen their walk with the Lord would have been more than I could have ever asked for, but for people to start a walk with him is outstanding!

Looking forward to many more years of sharing my family with you.

Arizona Wildlife Zoo

This beautiful Zebra did not care for the piece of pretzel honey was trying to feed it! Look at the giraffe's tongue! It was over a foot long and black....yum!

DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS. We never saw a sign.....shhh!

The monkey we met was so sweet, he also loved pretzels and popcorn! He would grab your fingers to see if you had any left, his hand felt like rubber!
The kids were able to pet/feed everything from starfish to deer, they loved every minute of it.
Not only is the Arizona Wildlife Park a zoo but they also have this new awesome 3 building aquarium. You truly get your money's worth here!

One Posh Kid Winner!!!

First of all I would like to say sorry it took me so long to announce a winner, things have been BUSY!

Thank you so much to One Posh Kid for this awesome giveaway! It was very generous of you.
Thanks to all that took the time to enter and look over OPK's site. Their stuff is way cute.

The winner of the totally adorable Cupcake Couture Dress from OPK is....

Tara said....I like the sweet eyelet halter set!

Congrats Tara! Hope you guys had a great holiday weekend!