Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Self Family photos by Amy Fraughton...

Well people Amy has outdone herself once again....The pictures she shot of us in Tempe, Arizona on February 7th turned out perfect. I have dreamed about these photos over the last few night and was thrilled to be able to pick them up today.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we will. You can view more of the photos on Amy's blog. Follow the link to the left under "blogs I heart"

Love you all,

Monday, February 23, 2009

Chris Self

Thank you Honey for cooking all weekend. I can't tell you what a load off it was.

The Mahi Mahi was delicious and one of my fav meals of all time!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Shirt Two Shirt Pink Shirt Blue Shirt

Those who know me understand my mania with creating crafty items as soon as I see them or dream them up. I sewed a few little outfits tonight while watching the Oscar’s. Magnificent job by the way Hugh Jackmen! He was pretty easy on the eyes too.
These little shirts and onsies are available for purchase, with shipping or pick-up. Prices very and custom orders are also being taken. Please email me @ or comment below for your orders. All items are new and have not been washed. Each item I sell is 100% machine washable and is able to go into the dryer. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

This Newborn snap over shirt is trimmed with black lace and adorned with two small flowers with a pearl center. Price is $12 for pick up and $15 if needing it to be shipped.

This Newborn snap over shirt is trimmed with brown satin ribbon and has a small pink chenille heart on the chest, very sweet. Price is $15 for pick up and $18 if you need it shipped.

This is a Newborn size onsie, trimmed with denim. It has a small denim made bow on the right thigh. So cute...will get even cuter as it is washed. Price is $18 for pick up and $21 if you need it shipped.

I will all a post all of the boy items as soon as I dream them up tonight.

Sweet dreams friends,

Sword fighting, peeing in drawers, and goals being scored...

We started out Saturday morning with attending Austin's soccer game, GO BARZA!!! Olivia and Liam rode in their new jogger stroller and they absolutely loved it! Thank you so much to Sherri for the jogger, it couldn't be more perfect for them. We then headed over to Jay's game, The Killer Bee's "killed" the other team 3 to zip. Baylin's game did not start until 3:30 so we were able to go home and let the kids rest/ride bikes for a hour.
After 3 wins got home around 5:30 and we were pooped. I don't know how Jaime and Jason do it every weekend. While it was very fun and exciting to see my niece and nephew play there little hearts out I was exhausted. Austin was able to come home with us and stay the night so Olivia has been on cloud 9, she just loves him.
After bathing Liam I lotioned him up and let him walk around a minute while I got the diaper and P.J.'s out. He wondered into Olivia's room and opened her closet. When I came in he had her dresser drawer open and was peeing into it. You can imagine the mess I had since the drawer housed all of her shoes.
It is now Sunday morning and Liam has discovered a sword that was hidden in the could be a long and eventful day!
Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday and a productive week ahead.

Kristen Self

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Sashay’s Spring Fashion Line has arrived and YOU are invited to the debut party!I will be there along with a few other friends and family. Come at list swing by and see if you see anything you like. It is not only jewelry they also carry purses, clothing and high end belts at low end prices. I love them.This is my cute friend Vanessa in the upper corner.

Be Vanessa's guest on Thursday, February 26th,
6:30 p.m. at the Mesa Hilton Ballroom

The 2009 Sashay Spring/ Summer Catalog will be released that evening and you will be the first to shop for all of the hot spring/ summer fashions. Invite all your girlfriends to join you for a great night of fun and fashion and SHOPPING!!

WHAT: Sashay’s Spring/ Summer Catalog Debut

WHEN: Thursday, February 26, 6:30 p.m.

WHERE: Mesa Hilton (Alma School & the 60)

RSVP to:

Vanessa Cuevas

See you guys then...


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Celebrity sightings in Scottsdale...

Last night Honey took me out to dinner at Mastro's City Hall. It is located in the heart of Scottsdale on Goldwater and Scottsdale RD. It was a absolutely beautiful atmosphere with eats to die for. After the Prawns were served on dry ice and the chopped salads with artichokes we had steaks, twice baked potatoes and onion rings. Everything was delicious, their presentation was so impressive.
As if the food and atmosphere were not enough we saw Scottie Pippen, Kevin Garnette, and last but NOT least Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. I told Chris when we walk by Will Smith table if you see us make eye contact I will meet you at home later. Jada's hair looked adorable and yes she was checking Chris out, her head even turned.
We had a wonderful time and I would highly suggest dinning at City Hall. Make a reservation for about 9pm, arrive at about 8:30 to enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail in the bar area. Make sure you request a table inside near the live entertainment. If you are going with a more than yourself and your honey you have to order the seafood tower, it looked spectacular.
The meal was ended with Mastro's signature butter cake. A little dry for my liking but if you say it is your first time the dessert is complementary.

Let me know if you ever head out...we would love to join you!

Happy Valentines Day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Salma Hayek breastfeeds starving baby from Africa

I thought this story was so touching and empowering as a mother. Can you imagine going to such a poverty stricken country and seeing these poor babies that die each day from things as simple as starving?
I heart this video and Salma Hayek!

Roses and chocolate are no longer enough! Top 10 gifts...

Don't fall behind in the game of love. St. Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so start thinking about buying some gifts before it's too late. Stuck for ideas? That is why I made my list....I know I know a little late in the game but lets face it sisters men shop at the last minute. Please no Walgreen's gifts guys, stuffed animals were loved when we were 8!

Here is the top 10 gifts "MOST"women want:
1. Spa/Salon Gift certificate, for a haircut, pedi, mani or a massage all of loved and welcomed by any princess.
2. Maid for a day, weather it be a gift certificate to a maid service of you with a feather duster cleaning the house your lady will appreciate the time off from her daily chores.
3. Perfume...woman love it but hate to spend the moola on it. Plus you can pick out what sweet sent you like.
4. Apple iPod/MP3 player, not one should be without one! A gift certificate to purchase the iTunes is always appreciated.
5. Any type of jewelry...last for ever!
6. Romantic date night planned entirely by you...if you have kids book the sitter for her too.
7. Can you play guitar or piano? Serenade your love with a song written by you.
8. You could print and decorate a coupon book. Include a message coupon, car wash coupon, foot rub, or yard work coupon.
9. If you are sending flower she wants them delivered to her place of work...the more women that are there to see her get them the better!
10. Last but not least if you make her something you can almost never go wrong...putting time and thought into something means more than the actual gift.

That's right, roses and chocolate are no longer enough. They're the obvious necessity -- something like breathing -- women don't really appreciate them when offered as gifts, but they would definitely notice if you forgot to get them.

Enjoy your love filled weekend.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

One shoe can change your life- Cinderella

After waiting an hour with two kids for the gates to go up, The LC FINALLY opened. I call this store "The LC" in order to not draw a crowd. This place is crazy enough with out more people even going. There is only one location and it just happens to be in the beautiful east Phoenix area.
I first of all want to give a shot out to the lady who saw these Linea Paolo heels first and decided they were not for her. I spotted her holding them in her hands and closely examining them. She gently sat them back on the shoe rack and I snatched them right up. I fell in love with them. Suddenly the bag of Cheetos I let Liam eat in the stroller did not matter to me once I was wearing the shoes. Sorry to the 3 woman who had their butts grabbed by a 5 fingered Cheetos monster, hope the cheese stains come out.
After purchasing them for a mear $18 I came home, slipped them on and got online to look up the price @ Nordstrom, a whopping $140.
My Mom bought a adorable L.A.M.B. Dome Satchel. It retails at Nordies for $595, she paid under $100 in perfect condition.
If anyone has anything special to go to and would like me to find them a pair of shoes on my next outing I can. Just email me your size, color and idea of what you like. They not only carry shoes but also have clothing, purses, and any other Nordstrom accessories you can think of. Keep me posted on your shopping lists!