Monday, April 13, 2009

Jessica Terry Self's Memorial Service


You are more than welcome to join us Wednesday April 15th at 10am to celebrate Jessica's life. Service will begin at 10 am at Vineyard Community Church, there will be a lunch immediately following.

Vineyard Community Church
601 South Cooper Road
Gilbert, AZ 85233

Come rejoice with us on this day. Jess is healed, she has filled our lives with joy, many laughs, and love.

Jess was rocking Liam to sleep for me. She so loved the kids and longed to have her own someday. If you are a mommy of a baby taken home too soon please know your angel will not go unrocked....

Thank you for loving my family through this time,
Love, Kristen


  1. Jess sounds like she was an amazing person. Thank you for sharing updates with us. I'm so glad Easter was a day of healing for you, but sorry that it was one of the most difficult days as well. I am not able to make it to the service, but wish I could so I could give you a hug. So, here's for a virtual ((HUG)). I love you!

  2. To my dear friend... You and your entire family our in our prayers and thoughts... I feel blessed to have meet her at your house... We love you
    Ben, Vanessa and Family

  3. oh, wow I'm crying thinking about her rocking the babies. :( Many prayers for healing and continuing to trust in the Lord's plan. Lot of love! Kristi V

  4. I am truly sorry for your loss....wishing your family strength, faith and love through your hardships!

  5. Kristen my heart is breaking for you and your family. I am honored that Jess will be rocking my sweet Tristan, now she can watch after him from time to time for me, til I can do it myself! Time will not make this go away, and time may not heal all wounds, but time will help you walk through each day that much easier, and smile when you speak about Jess, and her life! I'm here for you always, I'm an email, or phone call away. In God's love may you find peace in the coming day's.

  6. Kristen, I am so sorry to have read about your loss. I hope that God comforts you and your family at this time of sorrow. Thank you for stopping by my blog and when I am back on line from Vacation in phoenix of all are in gilbert....I just drove by my old home with my kids yesterday (Tempe) to show them where mommy and daddy lived prior to babies... It looks like I will enjoy reading about the "self family." Blessings on your day, ML

  7. Kristina RobinsonApril 16, 2009 at 7:33 PM

    Thank you so much Kristen for this tribute to Jess on your page. We all loved her so much. Spending just to short time I did with you and your family I know why she loved you all so much. She was blessed to have you in her life. Thank you all for loving our sister so dearly. The lives she touched are better because we knew and loved her. Thank you again for your hospitality.
    Kristina Robinson - Sacramento, Ca

  8. Kristen,
    I will never forget the way you set your grief aside to handle all the details of Jessica's memorial service. You did a beautiful job, and you can't imagine how good it was to be able to grieve and know that it was all being handled by someone who really knew and loved her ... loves her ... she may be gone from us for now, but she will always be loved.
    Thank you for the love you gave her in her last days, and for ministering to my broken heart as well. God bless you :)
    "Mamms" Lisa

  9. My heart breaks for your families loss ! God bless you.

  10. Kristen:
    I am so glad my son Jacob will have an angel like Jessica to rock him until I get home!