Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally a item for a boy... Wipe Case

Even if your kids are older this is cute enough to carry in your car, purse or on trips. Any mom out there knows how many wipes you go through. I can customize them for a boy, girl, or to go with a gift you plan on giving. Most of the wipe cases are $15. Please allow me a 1 week turn around time for a pick up or a 2 week time frame for shipping.


P.S. Papa is home from the doctor and resting. I will update once we have further information. Thank you for your continued prayers and generosity. May you and your little ones be blessed richly.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Going into surgery at 8pm tonight...

Ben, my father in law has been in the hospital since Sunday. The have decided to remove his gall bladder this evening at 8pm. Can you please keep him in your prayers this evening. They are diagnosing him with pancreatitis for now, when we find out more we will update you.

Ben and Lila are Chris' parents who live here in Mesa, Arizona. They will greatly appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening and a productive Tuesday.


Update on Papa Jim...

We found out last week the MRI tests conducted on March 24th identified the mass on the left kidney as renal cell carcinoma (Kidney Cancer). The mass could be biopsied under CT guidance, we'll have to see what the urologist recommends on April 7th.

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 31st will be the bone marrow biopsy with the oncologist. Please pray for the wisdom of Papa's doctors and that the procedure goes well tomorrow and does not reveal any Cancer cells.

I am tempted by the enemy, as you may be, to fear for the worst. Recall this scripture from Romans 8:15 15For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship.[a] And by him we cry, "Abba, Father."

Thank you, friends. And remember, you are always welcome to send your prayer requests to me as well...we are all walking this together, and I am blessed to share in your lives as you have shared in mine.

I know Nana and Papa have read all the previous comments left on this blog. They find great peace and strength in all of your kind words and encouragement. Please continue to comment to them.

May you all be blessed.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The "Get Better Fairy" made her visit...

Have you hear of her? She only comes on the days you have to go to the hospital. While I was bathing the kids Chris ran out and got a little bat and ball for Liam and the big kids think she left it by the front door once for him.
Liam seems to be breathing a little better, he has had a wet diaper as of 5pm.

Lets see if he sleeps tonight.

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday tomorrow and a productive week ahead. Thank you for all of the prayers and phone calls.

With love,

Home from the hospital....

Liam had a bit of a runny nose yesterday, nothing I was really too worried about. He had not ran a temp or anything. Last night he was up most of the night having trouble breathing. I finally took him in @ 6am to Banner Gateway (go the extra few miles to Desert Banner if your wondering) They gave him a few treatments, did a deep suction (which he loved almost as much as the rectal temp), took chest x-rays, and just kept listening to him. When I got there his oxygen levels were at 89 and heart rate was in the 190's-205 poor guy. He got up as high as 96 on his O2 levels after all of stuff they gave him. He still sounds pretty bad and has not had a wet diaper since 6am...
He got this cute bear from his nurse to keep him from crying. After figuring out he could not bite the eyes and nose of he is pretty much done with it.

I got a part of a Popsicle in him so we are crossing our fingers he will be wet when he gets up from his nap.

Pray he gets better soon and no one else gets it.

P.S. While at the hospital we did find out someone else has been using Chris's social security number. They went ahead and scanned his license picture into the computer and flagged the ss#. To the guy that lives in Avondale, Arizona, shame on you. That was my nice way of saying it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pitter patter of little baby feet

Okay can I just say these are the cutest darn things I have ever seen?

I stumbled upon these from another site and fell in love. You can order and view more at http://graciousmay.com/

If anyone orders a pair email me a picture of your baby in them. I would love to share it with everyone. What a great giveaway item...Hmmm

Just wanted to show you guys these. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

P.S. Keziah 2009 is your year right? I guess I have time for them to go on sale.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Freebie March giveaway by Little Giraffe! CLOSED

Little Giraffe Satin Trim Luxe Spotted Blanky
Supersoft luxe blanky with a lush velvet back features a satin picture frame border that is irresistible to babies—and grownups. Logo patch.
Approx. dimensions: 14" x 14" with 2" trim.
Acetate/rayon satin trim.
Polymicrofiber reverses to rayon/silk; machine wash.
By Little Giraffe
Retail value $32

Here is my first giveaway of all time! All you need to do is post a comment that you want it. You can post up to one comment per day until the 31st of March. I will draw a number 1- how ever many comments are posted on the 1st.

The winner will be announces on April 1st by noon.
Start posting ladies, this is totally cute and versatile. Great baby gift or keep for yourself and the tags are still attached. I will ship it to you by the 3rd.

Hugs and love,

Miss. Olivia is 4 today!!!

Happy 4th baby girl!
It has been 4 years now since you came out of my tummy. I had so many dreams of what you would look like, what you voice, would sound like, and what it would be like to hold you in my arms for the 1st time.
I have so much fun with you everyday that we are blessed to spend together. I love taking care of you, snuggling you, and keeping you laughing. I want you to know how incredibly proud I am to have been chosen to be your mommy.I love you Livie!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Strawberry Dortcake and the stinky lama...

Saturday was Olivia Joy's 4th birthday party. It was complete with a 4 foot Strawberry Dortcake pinata (as Olivia would call it), a petting zoo, and a pony to ride. She had blast along with all of her little friends and cousins. Thank you all for the wonder gifts and for taking the time out of your busy weekends to come and celebrate with us.

Jalen set up the lemonade stand that Chris built and served drinks for us. A few kids did come over and ask me for a dollar for the lemonade. Sorry if Jalen was trying to sell it to you....boys never quit trying to make money right?
Jody and Megan thank you so much for bringing out your beautiful horse. The kids loved feeding him carrots, he is so sweet and soft. For those of you wondering yes he was the same horse at Olivia's first birthday.

Carter's Farm http://www.cartersfarmaz.com/ brought out the petting zoo. It was awesome, she even set up a little wooded picket fence for all of the animals to play in. The baby bunnies were adorable along with the baby chicks. The lama was the least pet animal there...nice but stinky!
I believe my neighbor Miss Ella is on the hunt for her very own baby bunny now. I will be telling you more about Miss. Ella soon on the blog, this little girl is a hoot. She brightens my day each time I see her out front. I will have to post a interview of her soon.

Okay before I keep rambling on to more nonsense I better run. I hope you are all having a wonderful week.

God is working in this family in many ways. There are so many storms out there that I know will soon pass. Be faithful my dear friends He is walking beside you... I hope He blesses you and your babies richly today and always.

With love and thankfulness,

UPDATES: Papa Jim and MckMuffin...

Papa's MRI appointment has been moved up to today. We will not have any further results today but it is a step in the right direction. We will know more by Friday I am sure. The bone marrow biopsy will still be on the 31st.

News about baby boy Stellan aka MckMuffin....here is what MckMama posted on Twitter this morning about 2 hours ago. "Stellan had a very bad night. He's getting an Echo cardiogram now. Stellan is still in tachycardia."
You can continue to update yourself if you follow the blog link posted in the last post. You can click right on her picture and it will take you to her blog.

Thank you so much for all of the uplifting comments and for being such wonderful prayer warriors.

With much appreciation,

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Test, test and more tests.....

I wanted to post an update on Papa's health after a week of tests and new findings...Following the diagnosis of lymphoma on March 4Th, Jim "Papa" has undergone CT and PET scans. The CT scan revealed a mass on the left kidney. The PET scan showed no other enlarged lymph nodes in the upper body. Doctors are unsure if the mass is lymphoma or something unrelated. Friday Papa and Nana visited a urologist who ordered a MRI scheduled for March 25, which should identify the mass. Bone marrow biopsy is scheduled for March 31st.

Please continue to pray that the mass is benign.

Our family has been overwhelmed and honored by the amount of prayers that have been sent Papa's way. All of you, especially my spirit-filled faith readers have been a tremendous support. I can't even explain in words what this has meant to all of us.

Thank you, friends. I am speechless and saddened...I just don't know what else to say but that prayer works, and we NEED yours.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sassy Sistas

Amy Fraughton photographed Tanya and Mike's girls a few weeks ago. They turned out so stinkin cute. Brookelyn just turned 8 and is the 2nd grade, Jalen thought her pictures were pretty cute too. Lil Miss Lauryn is 3 1/2 and will soon be starting soccer with Olivia.

The girls had on darling outfits by The Lucky Princess. You have to see these clothes @ http://www.theluckyprincess.com/ she does such a good job. I told some of you about the bedding Tanya had made for the girls, this is the same designer.

If you guys want to book a shoot with Amy do it now, she is so busy! Here is her site with all of her contact info and pricing. http://amyfraughtonphotography.blogspot.com/

Have a great evening!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prayer request

I am in need of a prayer request from all of my faith readers. My Papa, Jim Hancock was diagnosed on March 4th with Lymphoma. Currently the doctor considers it to be low grade B-cell lymphoma (follicular center cell lymphoma, grade 1) and very treatable. Saturday he went for a PET scan and is scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy on March 31. So far he has had wonderful doctors who seem to be very encouraging. Please pray that our Father leads Jim and Sue Hancock though this.

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds ... Great is our Lord, and mighty in power ..." (Psalm 147:3)

Lord, we know You and we trust You. Come and make yourself known.


Skateboarding, ducks, and train rides...

Freestone Park was the venue for Noah's 11TH birthday party. There is a skate park located on the east side of the park, FREE too. My parents had set up a skate instructor to give Noah and his friends lessons for the first hour. The boys loved it and did not even want to stop skating to eat cake.

After the party Chris and I took the two little ones over to the rides and lake area on the west side of the park, NOT FREE. Liam was not too fond of the jet ski ride but loved the train. Olivia's favorite party was the Farris wheel and frogs swimming in the lake. She soon discovered that the ducks could care less about the popcorn they eat everyday, Liam's gold fish was their weakness. Overall such a nice park and would love to go back soon with a picnic. If you are a Gilbert resident the cabana located by the park/restrooms is awesome. Maybe Liam will have his 2ND b-day there.

Liam has worn Jalen's skateboarding helmet since we got home!

P.S. My toes are feeling much better after I caught them on the coroner of the baseboard this past week.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kids clothes, wipe cases, hair clips and onsies

This past week I jazzed up a little outfit I had picked up for Olivia. She loves it and I think worn it three times already. This picture is after it had been washed so it looks just as good afterwards. I sewed a pink chenille heart on the booty cheek too.
My neighbor was already eyeing it, maybe Olivia will be giving Miss. Ella one for her birthday this month.

The onsie and barrettes go to a gift my Aunt Debbie (from Colorado) is giving a friends daughter. We are working on a diaper cake tonight. Deb picked out some stuff yesterday that is all pinks and browns, very cute together. The cutest part of one of the onsies it the brown fury heart I sewed on the bottom. It will make a little diaper butt look that much more irresistible.

I have wanted to learn how to make these wipes cases for some time now. I decided to teach myself, I felt bad always asking Jessica to make them for me. It turned out pretty cute and there really in not to much work. It is all about the correct supplies, time and patience. I really don't see how people can charge up to $45 for these.

Have a great day my crafty friends!

Family photo wall...almost done!

I have started a family photo wall to show off all the pictures Amy took. The wall in my kitchen has been driving me nuts for sometime now, I felt like a long white wall was such a bore. I put together some black frames, some were already black some have been painted. I found the sign at Hobby Lobby along with some little knic-knacks to display.
I want to add about 4 more frames with the pictures Amy took of Jaime and Jason's kids. I will update the picture of photo wall once it is completed. I will also have to show you what Mom did in her dinning room and above her fireplace. It turned out so awesome I can't wait to share her ideas with you all. I am glad the apple does not fall far from the tree!

Hope everyone is having a blessed and content March, the heat will be here before we know it. Enjoy this weather while you can.