Sunday, March 22, 2009

Test, test and more tests.....

I wanted to post an update on Papa's health after a week of tests and new findings...Following the diagnosis of lymphoma on March 4Th, Jim "Papa" has undergone CT and PET scans. The CT scan revealed a mass on the left kidney. The PET scan showed no other enlarged lymph nodes in the upper body. Doctors are unsure if the mass is lymphoma or something unrelated. Friday Papa and Nana visited a urologist who ordered a MRI scheduled for March 25, which should identify the mass. Bone marrow biopsy is scheduled for March 31st.

Please continue to pray that the mass is benign.

Our family has been overwhelmed and honored by the amount of prayers that have been sent Papa's way. All of you, especially my spirit-filled faith readers have been a tremendous support. I can't even explain in words what this has meant to all of us.

Thank you, friends. I am speechless and saddened...I just don't know what else to say but that prayer works, and we NEED yours.


  1. ~praying for papa~

    You had strengthened my walk with HIM more than you will ever know! I am not a wife or mother yet...but I have learned so much from you! I hope that I can someday raise a family with the faith, strength, and sense of humor you have!!! i am so blessed to read your words!


  2. I pray right now that your family and friends will gather around Jim and hold up his arms in the coming battle - that they will Lift him up to Jesus our King - daily asking for his favor to shine upon him, and be gracious to him.

    I will keep praying this prayer for Jim in the in the Name of Jesus until you tell me to stop, and maybe even longer.


  3. Kristen, I saw you had a blog so I came over!

    I'm sorry for your Papa's illness. I will pray for him...and you:)

    Take Care,
    nikki winters

  4. My heart is heavy for you and your family. You are all in my prayers. I have no words of wisdom, no cliches, no scripture that can help Jim's illness other than to tell him that he is not alone in it.


  5. praying without ceasing...


  6. Praying for your Papa and Nana.


  7. Please keep us updated on everything with the Hancock's. Praying for health in your family.

    your friend,

  8. ~Putting Jim in God's hands.~

    Our family is praying for yours, hope to one day meet in "real life".

    Love and blessings,
    The Colter's

  9. Any updates? We have been thinking and praying allot about your Papa.

    God Bless,