Saturday, March 28, 2009

The "Get Better Fairy" made her visit...

Have you hear of her? She only comes on the days you have to go to the hospital. While I was bathing the kids Chris ran out and got a little bat and ball for Liam and the big kids think she left it by the front door once for him.
Liam seems to be breathing a little better, he has had a wet diaper as of 5pm.

Lets see if he sleeps tonight.

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday tomorrow and a productive week ahead. Thank you for all of the prayers and phone calls.

With love,


  1. Oh we are so glad Liam is feeling better. Take care of yourself.
    Love the Get Well Fairy idea...too funny.


  2. I hope you guys are doing well, sorry your sweet boy was sick!

  3. Thanks for the happy birthday! Your kids are adorable...I hope the get well fairy left enough of her magic to last! ;)