Sunday, March 15, 2009

Skateboarding, ducks, and train rides...

Freestone Park was the venue for Noah's 11TH birthday party. There is a skate park located on the east side of the park, FREE too. My parents had set up a skate instructor to give Noah and his friends lessons for the first hour. The boys loved it and did not even want to stop skating to eat cake.

After the party Chris and I took the two little ones over to the rides and lake area on the west side of the park, NOT FREE. Liam was not too fond of the jet ski ride but loved the train. Olivia's favorite party was the Farris wheel and frogs swimming in the lake. She soon discovered that the ducks could care less about the popcorn they eat everyday, Liam's gold fish was their weakness. Overall such a nice park and would love to go back soon with a picnic. If you are a Gilbert resident the cabana located by the park/restrooms is awesome. Maybe Liam will have his 2ND b-day there.

Liam has worn Jalen's skateboarding helmet since we got home!

P.S. My toes are feeling much better after I caught them on the coroner of the baseboard this past week.

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  1. Ouch that foot looks painful.

    Hope you have been healed!