Saturday, March 28, 2009

Home from the hospital....

Liam had a bit of a runny nose yesterday, nothing I was really too worried about. He had not ran a temp or anything. Last night he was up most of the night having trouble breathing. I finally took him in @ 6am to Banner Gateway (go the extra few miles to Desert Banner if your wondering) They gave him a few treatments, did a deep suction (which he loved almost as much as the rectal temp), took chest x-rays, and just kept listening to him. When I got there his oxygen levels were at 89 and heart rate was in the 190's-205 poor guy. He got up as high as 96 on his O2 levels after all of stuff they gave him. He still sounds pretty bad and has not had a wet diaper since 6am...
He got this cute bear from his nurse to keep him from crying. After figuring out he could not bite the eyes and nose of he is pretty much done with it.

I got a part of a Popsicle in him so we are crossing our fingers he will be wet when he gets up from his nap.

Pray he gets better soon and no one else gets it.

P.S. While at the hospital we did find out someone else has been using Chris's social security number. They went ahead and scanned his license picture into the computer and flagged the ss#. To the guy that lives in Avondale, Arizona, shame on you. That was my nice way of saying it.


  1. Feel better baby boy! Wow that stinks about Chris's SS#. Hope you get it taken care of.


  2. Oh know poor Liam....feel better sweetie!

    Praying for you guys,
    Ashley H.

  3. Poor Liam! So sorry and that stinks about Chris's guys should put a flag on his social at all three of the major credit bureaus, they will send you a free copy of his credit reports. Often times when someone uses a social for one reason, they also use it for another. It happened to me a few years ago. Call me if you have questions on what to do. Love ya and we'll keep Liam in our prayers :-)

    Love, Angela :-)

  4. Thanks Angela, great idea...we ran credit reports a few weeks ago. There was nothing on there but he is getting everything he can reported right now. How annoying huh? I am sorry it happend to you too. Thanks for thinking of Liam it means allot.

    Love you,

  5. How is baby Liam doing? Hope he is all better. That little bear was sweet of the hospital.

    Thinking of your family.

    Glendale, CA.