Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kids clothes, wipe cases, hair clips and onsies

This past week I jazzed up a little outfit I had picked up for Olivia. She loves it and I think worn it three times already. This picture is after it had been washed so it looks just as good afterwards. I sewed a pink chenille heart on the booty cheek too.
My neighbor was already eyeing it, maybe Olivia will be giving Miss. Ella one for her birthday this month.

The onsie and barrettes go to a gift my Aunt Debbie (from Colorado) is giving a friends daughter. We are working on a diaper cake tonight. Deb picked out some stuff yesterday that is all pinks and browns, very cute together. The cutest part of one of the onsies it the brown fury heart I sewed on the bottom. It will make a little diaper butt look that much more irresistible.

I have wanted to learn how to make these wipes cases for some time now. I decided to teach myself, I felt bad always asking Jessica to make them for me. It turned out pretty cute and there really in not to much work. It is all about the correct supplies, time and patience. I really don't see how people can charge up to $45 for these.

Have a great day my crafty friends!


  1. Oh my goodness... these are too cute!

    Now you got to show me how to make them so I can make one for my friend's new baby. I need to find out what she is having first or maybe I will just have you make me one.

  2. Amber, since I have all the stuff if you just tell me what colors you want and when you want it I will do one for $12 for you.

    We need to catch up.


  3. Lil Liv's outfit is so cute. I will need one for Jillian. I never thought of that. Where did you get the trim?

    Great idea,
    Kate S.

  4. How do you come up with these cute ideas...I can't wait to see what you do for baby boys.