Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Strawberry Dortcake and the stinky lama...

Saturday was Olivia Joy's 4th birthday party. It was complete with a 4 foot Strawberry Dortcake pinata (as Olivia would call it), a petting zoo, and a pony to ride. She had blast along with all of her little friends and cousins. Thank you all for the wonder gifts and for taking the time out of your busy weekends to come and celebrate with us.

Jalen set up the lemonade stand that Chris built and served drinks for us. A few kids did come over and ask me for a dollar for the lemonade. Sorry if Jalen was trying to sell it to you....boys never quit trying to make money right?
Jody and Megan thank you so much for bringing out your beautiful horse. The kids loved feeding him carrots, he is so sweet and soft. For those of you wondering yes he was the same horse at Olivia's first birthday.

Carter's Farm http://www.cartersfarmaz.com/ brought out the petting zoo. It was awesome, she even set up a little wooded picket fence for all of the animals to play in. The baby bunnies were adorable along with the baby chicks. The lama was the least pet animal there...nice but stinky!
I believe my neighbor Miss Ella is on the hunt for her very own baby bunny now. I will be telling you more about Miss. Ella soon on the blog, this little girl is a hoot. She brightens my day each time I see her out front. I will have to post a interview of her soon.

Okay before I keep rambling on to more nonsense I better run. I hope you are all having a wonderful week.

God is working in this family in many ways. There are so many storms out there that I know will soon pass. Be faithful my dear friends He is walking beside you... I hope He blesses you and your babies richly today and always.

With love and thankfulness,


  1. Happy Birthday Olivia....looks like it was a great party!


  2. Happy Birhtday Olivia, the lemonade stand is pretty neat. You guys made that?

    Love and blessings,

  3. Happy B-day to Olivia Joy!

  4. Have a great day tomorrow Olivia....happy birthday!


  5. Olivia thanks you all for the birthday wishes...she is the only one who celebrates her birthday longer than Keziah, my best friend.

    Love you Keziah and Olivia. =)