Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cookies and Costumes!!! only 55 days until Christmas.........

Okay I finally finished up the Halloween cookies. I made the teachers all the witch cookies....nothing at all meant by that. =) Then I did Tanya and Mike's girls school cookies. Tanya ordered 60 ghost cookies for the girls classes. What a good mom huh? Most of us sent a bag of candy! Now I am just sewing the final touches on Jalen's army jacket I got at the army surplus. They had such great patches I could not pass them up. Unfortunately the $6 glue I purchased there to hold the patches on was crap. Olivia is still up in the air on her costume. She may be Wonder Woman tomorrow or she may be a princess. Her sweet friend Elizabeth offered up one of her Disney Princess dresses for Olivia to borrow. I really hope she makes up her mind SOON. You know Olivia, she would do a costume change in the middle of trick-or-treating if you let her. Ava was over a few weeks ago and the girls did a costume run though complete with doing there own make-up. One day a soccer player one day a princess.
I love Halloween but I am getting a little Halloweened out! I already started taking down decorations tomorrow night and called the dentist to see if he is buying the candy by the pound this year.
I hope all of you have a safe, spooky and sugar filled day tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for making the cookies Kristen! I cheated and had one last night and they are yummy as always! Have fun tonight!!