Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Whoes kids are these.... NKOTB

17 years ago I had a dream of one day seeing the the New Kids On The Block in person.....last night my dream came true. My sweet husband not only got me tickets to the concert but he ever went with me. We had great floor seats near the piano, we had no idea they were going to come out on the piano. I was literally arms reach away from them. I am pretty sure Jordan made eye contact with me twice and it was NOT an accident. The did a lot of old songs and also threw in a few new ones. They do look a lot different than on the cover of my People magazine dated back to 1991. We had such a good time and I felt so lucky I was able to be there.

Thank you Honey for the ticket's and singing right along with me. If NKOTB would have only known you back with the curls and earring you would have been in the group for sure. Your voice will always melt my heart more than Joey's!

Thank you Stefanie for coming over to watch the kids for us, without you we would have not been able to go.

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  1. That is great! You guys are a riot! What a good sport you've got for a husband. Did Joey sing Please Don't Go Girl? I wanted to marry him...