Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Prince is turning one!

Yes, my little baby boy is turning is turning one! Time has flown by. His party will be small with mostly family. No offense just wanted to keep the party to a minimum without going overboard! As if the word overboard is in my vocabulary right?
So on the 25th he is having a Halloween dress-up party! After a long search for Lee Lee's perfect Halloween invites, I decided I would not be happy unless I made them myself. After 3 nights of working on them and a few days of handing them out I am happy with the final results!
I took a small pumpkin and wrote his name on it, wrote all party info on the tags and attached them with raffia. I found the Martha Stewart stickers at Michael's. Have you seen her line there? She has really cute stuff and a lot of it is marked down. Always a plus in my book.
Now on to figuring out what cake(s) I am doing and cookies I am making while trying to stay within my theme!

P.S. Kez no need to email I am bringing yours over this week sometime!


  1. Oh my goodness those are so adorable Kristen! Of course I am not surpised... haha :)

    I can't believe he is already turning 1.

  2. Wow! I can't believe he is turning one already! Time flies by so fast! And, those are ADORABLE Kristen! You are SO amazing! Love ya!