Thursday, November 13, 2008

41 Days until Christmas!!! Only 40 shopping days.....

Jessica enjoying a LARGE rice crispy treat ou tin Olivia's house. Good thing that house does not have air and heat I might never get rid of her!

This year is seems like I am in the holiday spirit allot earlier than usual. I hate to admit it but I made Chris get the tree out of the attic the day after Halloween. I said I was just going to get it out and not decorate it yet. For those of you that know me well enough you know nothing can go unfinished around here. I have completed decorating the tree, almost finished my Christmas shopping and have the gifts wrapped. You didn't think I would put a Christmas tree up without any gifts under it did you? I painted a Santa picture to hang on the wall to complete the Christmas corner by the tree. I saw it on but the $199 price tag was a killer. It cost me under $8 and I can't really tell much of a difference.
Olivia and I decorated her play house this week. I took her to the dollar store to pick out some decor for her place. We put up garland, white lights and completed it with a "Santa stop here!" sign. Chris asked that I not decorate the front of the house yet. Apparently he was afraid of what the neighbors might think. It not like they haven't seen my fully decorated tree light though the front window. I am slowly getting out the front yard decorations each day as he is gone at work. I am just short of trimming the house with icicle lights. I can't wait to see the whole place sparkling.
The holiday baking will be put on hold until closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas or someone around here will eat it all. If anyone has any terrific holiday recipes they would like to share with me I would love it. Okay friends and family my memory board has been updated and ready for some Christmas cards and pictures.
I hope everyone has a blessed holiday season to come and is surrounded by loved ones.


  1. Kristen, is there anything you don't do?? Painting pictures, decorating, baking.... Your super mom!! :) I love the decorations! Brittney

  2. You are too cute and you are absolutely amazing! I LOVE the Santa picture! I can't believe you painted that!!! What talent do you not possess? Love ya!

  3. Everything looks wonderful, as usual...what can I say it's in your DNA. Never, ever feel guilty for having "The Martha Gene", it's a gift not everyone has been blessed with :0)

  4. Wow, your house looks so nice... You are way ahead of the game!! I'm still not over Halloween.. :O)