Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day at the farm....

Today I was lucky enough to accompany Jalen's 2nd grade class to Schnepf's Farm in Queen Creek. Ms. Rolinger's class and Mrs. Tenny's class hit the road on the big yellow school bus together at 9am. The kids were pretty wound up, everyone was just so excited to be going on a field trip. Once getting to the farm we were able to get a tour of the petting zoo. The kids loved seeing the pigs, goats and cows. I am still amazed at how interesting a pile of poop is to a 8 year old. After sanitizing we got picked up for a hay ride. Mrs. Rolinger and I were hoping there would not be enough room for us on the wagon.....but the kids managed to squeeze in so we were able to ride too! Stef's class just adores her and they make sure she is with them at all times. One of Jalen's friends asked me if I could be his mom too, how funny is that? As soon as the little angles new I was Ms. Rolinger's younger sister they loved me too. One even asked if I could be his new mom....
The farmer allowed the kids to go out in the field and pick 6 radishes to take home. Some kids ate them before washing them, all of you parents out there know they would have never tried them at home. The playground was of course a hit and a great place for moms to take a break in the shade. The 2nd graders were all able to find shaded picnic tables, cool off and eat lunch.
Hot, dirty and one banana bread loaf latter Ms. Rolinger and I were ready to head back to the school. Overall is was a great day and I feel so blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom and enjoy such outings.

P.S. Thank you Nana, Mom and Papa for watching the two little ones.

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  1. What a fun day! Hey how have you been. I havent been able to reach you lately?