Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Arizona Science Center 10-13-08

I decided to take the kids to the Arizona Science Center yesterday. We went ahead and picked Keziah up on the way to Phoenix, she had the day off from work. The kids had so much fun learning out there bodies, the weather, and technology. Unfortunately I lost the wheelchair race against Kez, those workout classes she has been taking have paid off! Jalen raced a kids he met there and it was pretty close, he would probably tell you he won. Olivia was so busy trying everything out and running around. Liam of course was such a good boy, he just rode in the stroller and ate his snacks. The weather simulator was very cool. You got to feel what it was like to be in a earthquake, monsoon storm, and rain. Jalen was the oly one that wanted to get wet. I would defiantly say go there is you have not had the chance it was a great experience for all.
After leaving the science center the kids begged Kez and I to take the to Poncho's on Central. We finally gave in! Liam enjoyed the re fried beans and even fed himself. Everyone was so tired by the time we dropped off poor Keziah. I hope this day out does not delay her childbearing plans any longer.

Thanks for going with us Keziah, we love you!

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