Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday weekend.....

I just wanted to say thanks you to all of you that made my weekend so special. All of the wonderful women from my baby board that sent me the special birthday wishes I truly appreciated it. The Garrett's, Holme's, Espinoza's, Manual, Stefanie, Jessica and Dan thanks so much for hanging out on Saturday night with us and having a few drinks. Stefanie and Jessica I loved the perfume, make-up and you can never go wrong with sugar cookies! Nana and Papa thanks for the birthday $$$, it will be spent on clothes. Mom, Dad and Noah the Ulta gift card was perfect, already spent on make-up. April and Sam Chris thanks you for the Victoria Secrets gift card, it was was too generous of you guys. Deb and Dan the Bonefish card was a great choice it is so yummy there! We saved Chris's gift card from his birthday too! We were already talking about trying to get a sitter on Friday night to go. All of the birthday cards have been awesome and made me feel so loved. Thanks again everyone for all you did to go out of your way to make my day special.

I am officially 31 and I feeling 25! I am excited to see what the next year brings me....


  1. HEY... HAPPY Late Birthday! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend.

  2. Happy belated Birthday! Glad you enjoyed your special day and so sorry we missed it. We should get together soon!

  3. You look so good Kristen! I'm so sorry that I missed your birthday! You know...I don't know what I did with any of my birthday lists so I haven't a clue when anyone's is! It looks like you had a great birthday! I love ya girl - let's plan something soon so we can catch up!