Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Liam’s Birthday Bash!!!

Liam’s birthday party turned out great! Most everyone showed up in there costumes. I would have to say Frankenstein, AKA Max, won the prize for best costume. After lunch we all enjoyed homemade caramel apples, sugar cookies, brownies, and a haunted house cake. Liam is basically clothed for the winter with all of the jogging suits, jeans and shirts. I am not sure if he realized it was all for him or not but either way he had a blast with his cake. Thank you to all who were able to attend and for all the more than generous gifts he received. I hope everyone had a great time.
Last week Liam’s first gift came in the mail from the Weitzel’s gift. It of course was perfectly wrapped adorably. Once Olivia woke from her nap she was dying to rip the gift open. We all waited for Liam to wake up from his nap and see his 1st present. Basically all he was interested in was the ribbons. Inside was a blue and chocolate jogging suit with coordinating shirts. Too cute. Thanks Weitzel’s!
Trujillo’s thank you so much for the awesome play bubble gum machine. It has been a hit with all of the kids in the house. Mimi and Papa Self, you guys new exactly what Daddy wanted Liam to have, the ASU jogging suit is perfect and he will get plenty of wear out of it. Grandma and Grandpa Rolinger, love your costumes and Liam will have a fun time picking out a gift at Toys ‘R’ Us with his gift card. Mimi, Grampy and Noah all of the clothes were perfect. The barn farm animal toy is extra loud, I will remember this when picking out Noah’s Christmas gift, thank you. White’s the puzzle and little wooden frog are so cute. Liam just loved the frog. I can’t wait to open the puzzle with him. Stefanie and Jessica the car has been a blast thus far. I did not know how much a 8 year old would like riding it too. The pop out book just amazes Liam when I look at it with him. Nana and Papa Hancock all of the clothes will come in so handy this winter. He is already sleeping in the P.J.’s for the 2nd time tonight. Jaime, Jason and kiddies all of the clothes are so cute. I loved the colors. The jacket will be perfect with so many things once it cools off a little. Again THANK YOU! The day was perfect!

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