Sunday, February 1, 2009

One shoe can change your life- Cinderella

After waiting an hour with two kids for the gates to go up, The LC FINALLY opened. I call this store "The LC" in order to not draw a crowd. This place is crazy enough with out more people even going. There is only one location and it just happens to be in the beautiful east Phoenix area.
I first of all want to give a shot out to the lady who saw these Linea Paolo heels first and decided they were not for her. I spotted her holding them in her hands and closely examining them. She gently sat them back on the shoe rack and I snatched them right up. I fell in love with them. Suddenly the bag of Cheetos I let Liam eat in the stroller did not matter to me once I was wearing the shoes. Sorry to the 3 woman who had their butts grabbed by a 5 fingered Cheetos monster, hope the cheese stains come out.
After purchasing them for a mear $18 I came home, slipped them on and got online to look up the price @ Nordstrom, a whopping $140.
My Mom bought a adorable L.A.M.B. Dome Satchel. It retails at Nordies for $595, she paid under $100 in perfect condition.
If anyone has anything special to go to and would like me to find them a pair of shoes on my next outing I can. Just email me your size, color and idea of what you like. They not only carry shoes but also have clothing, purses, and any other Nordstrom accessories you can think of. Keep me posted on your shopping lists!


  1. Those are super cute, you are always finding great deals at that awesome store! I havent been there since I was in HS. I may have to venture out there one of these days.

  2. You need to come with me...we will go as soon as RSV season is over! LOTS of good baby clothes.