Thursday, January 29, 2009

A new baby, dirty laundry, and the FBR Open...

Yippy it is almost time for the Superbowl!!! Sure has been a great week already...It started out with me doing all of the dirty laundry left from vacation. I believe there were 12 loads total. I had lots of help from Jalen putting it all away. My little angel owes some money after throwing a rock in a tree to get a ball out so he has been trying to work it all off. I am going to be kinda sad once it is all earned because I will loose my mini maid.

Tuesday worked out nicely since the person that Chris was taking to the FBR open cancelled. Chris and I were able to attend, we enjoyed a yummy luncheon in the penthouse, perfect 63 degree weather, and a little peace after 5 days at Disneyland. We were even able to make a quick stop by Last Chance.

Wednesday couldn't have been more wonderful, Amber delivered Branson. Weighting in a at whopping 8lbs 4oz's at only 38 weeks was a little surprising. He is absolutely perfect, round pink cheeks, a sweet turned up nose, and a head full of brown hair. Amber is feeling great and should be able to go home tomorrow. I was able to go to the hospital ans see him this evening. It felt so nice to hold a little baby in my arms and snuggle him. I came home and told Chris it is a good thing he already had the snip done because I really loved baby Branson.

Hope you all have had a amazing week and are going into the weekend happy and healthy.

P.S. Little funny thing happened today. Liam was out of milk in his bottle and kept bringing it to me for more but I wanted him to eat lunch and not just drink more milk. I went over to open the fridge and start lunch when I noticed he put his bottle in the watter/ice dispenser. Guess this was a hint to get him more milk!

Goodnight all of you,

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