Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Shirt Two Shirt Pink Shirt Blue Shirt

Those who know me understand my mania with creating crafty items as soon as I see them or dream them up. I sewed a few little outfits tonight while watching the Oscar’s. Magnificent job by the way Hugh Jackmen! He was pretty easy on the eyes too.
These little shirts and onsies are available for purchase, with shipping or pick-up. Prices very and custom orders are also being taken. Please email me @ or comment below for your orders. All items are new and have not been washed. Each item I sell is 100% machine washable and is able to go into the dryer. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

This Newborn snap over shirt is trimmed with black lace and adorned with two small flowers with a pearl center. Price is $12 for pick up and $15 if needing it to be shipped.

This Newborn snap over shirt is trimmed with brown satin ribbon and has a small pink chenille heart on the chest, very sweet. Price is $15 for pick up and $18 if you need it shipped.

This is a Newborn size onsie, trimmed with denim. It has a small denim made bow on the right thigh. So cute...will get even cuter as it is washed. Price is $18 for pick up and $21 if you need it shipped.

I will all a post all of the boy items as soon as I dream them up tonight.

Sweet dreams friends,


  1. So freaking cute... Hummmm.. What can I have you make for Mugsy?

  2. Keziah that is a cute idea....let me think about that. It is never too early to start on Halloween costumes for him either. =)

  3. Keziah, Is it too early to start making your baby girl clothes? I have so many ideas for you bedding! I pray every night that the good Lord blesses you in 2010! =) Does that work for you?