Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sword fighting, peeing in drawers, and goals being scored...

We started out Saturday morning with attending Austin's soccer game, GO BARZA!!! Olivia and Liam rode in their new jogger stroller and they absolutely loved it! Thank you so much to Sherri for the jogger, it couldn't be more perfect for them. We then headed over to Jay's game, The Killer Bee's "killed" the other team 3 to zip. Baylin's game did not start until 3:30 so we were able to go home and let the kids rest/ride bikes for a hour.
After 3 wins got home around 5:30 and we were pooped. I don't know how Jaime and Jason do it every weekend. While it was very fun and exciting to see my niece and nephew play there little hearts out I was exhausted. Austin was able to come home with us and stay the night so Olivia has been on cloud 9, she just loves him.
After bathing Liam I lotioned him up and let him walk around a minute while I got the diaper and P.J.'s out. He wondered into Olivia's room and opened her closet. When I came in he had her dresser drawer open and was peeing into it. You can imagine the mess I had since the drawer housed all of her shoes.
It is now Sunday morning and Liam has discovered a sword that was hidden in the could be a long and eventful day!
Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday and a productive week ahead.

Kristen Self

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