Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Salma Hayek breastfeeds starving baby from Africa

I thought this story was so touching and empowering as a mother. Can you imagine going to such a poverty stricken country and seeing these poor babies that die each day from things as simple as starving?
I heart this video and Salma Hayek!


  1. Well the vid doesnt work anymore but that is pretty cool of her to do and what I love even more is she wasnt embarassed or ashamed about it like a lot of people would be. She is AWESOME!!!

  2. Darn, I wonder why it did not work for you. I know I loved the same thing about the story. Can you believe there are actually people out there mad over this? Hope you are lovin you new little one. Take care, Kristen

  3. Oh I hadnt heard they are mad that is ridiculous!
    We are doing good but I have mastitis right now which is really painful. WOW I have never had this before and hopsefully with nursing and the antibiotics and everything it will go away quickly.