Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Roses and chocolate are no longer enough! Top 10 gifts...

Don't fall behind in the game of love. St. Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so start thinking about buying some gifts before it's too late. Stuck for ideas? That is why I made my list....I know I know a little late in the game but lets face it sisters men shop at the last minute. Please no Walgreen's gifts guys, stuffed animals were loved when we were 8!

Here is the top 10 gifts "MOST"women want:
1. Spa/Salon Gift certificate, for a haircut, pedi, mani or a massage all of loved and welcomed by any princess.
2. Maid for a day, weather it be a gift certificate to a maid service of you with a feather duster cleaning the house your lady will appreciate the time off from her daily chores.
3. Perfume...woman love it but hate to spend the moola on it. Plus you can pick out what sweet sent you like.
4. Apple iPod/MP3 player, not one should be without one! A gift certificate to purchase the iTunes is always appreciated.
5. Any type of jewelry...last for ever!
6. Romantic date night planned entirely by you...if you have kids book the sitter for her too.
7. Can you play guitar or piano? Serenade your love with a song written by you.
8. You could print and decorate a coupon book. Include a message coupon, car wash coupon, foot rub, or yard work coupon.
9. If you are sending flower she wants them delivered to her place of work...the more women that are there to see her get them the better!
10. Last but not least if you make her something you can almost never go wrong...putting time and thought into something means more than the actual gift.

That's right, roses and chocolate are no longer enough. They're the obvious necessity -- something like breathing -- women don't really appreciate them when offered as gifts, but they would definitely notice if you forgot to get them.

Enjoy your love filled weekend.



  1. So true!! I love them all!
    - Keziah

  2. I should have put #1 as gift certificate to the LC! Darn...may have to edit. Love you!