Monday, December 29, 2008

Whose kids are these? Perfect teeth!

Jalen and Olivia visited Dr. Quackenbush today to have their teeth cleaned. They were really quite during the visit just anticipating what the cleaning was going to include. They both must be great brushers and flossers since they did not have any cavities. The dentist was shocked to see that Jalen only has two more baby teeth to lose. He said his teeth look better than 90% of the 12 year olds he sees! The two baby teeth that he does have lose are not supposed to fall out until the age for 12, they are already loose. I guess both of the kids are freakishly advance on teeth because Olivia is already cutting her 6 year molars. He said it is pretty much all about genetics so he was not surprised to see her progress. If you are looking for a great dentist I would recommend Dr. Quackenbush with Timber Falls Pediatric Dentistry in Gilbert. He is so wonderful with the kids and the office staff is so sweet.
Since both the kids did so well and had 0 cavities we decided to take them to Peter Piper for lunch. Liam rode his first ride on the baby carousel. He loved it but once it started moving he was a little unsure.

P.S. Olivia says "thank you" to Grampy and Mimi Rolinger for the cute pink outfit she is wearing. If you notice she has also not taken off the pink princess sunglasses that Papa and Nana Hancock gave her....Thank you guys she loves them!

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