Monday, December 29, 2008

Decorations are down and time for the new year to begin....

It was bitter sweet but my honey helped me pack up all the Christmas decoration this afternoon. He was nice enough to take down all of the outside lights, clean out the garage and pack the attic. I took care of the tree ornaments and packed up a few odds and ends inside. It would have taken me days to do alone. I am so grateful Chris had today off and was eager to lend a helping hand. Thanks Honey! Chris has the rest of the week off work, I wonder if he wants to help with any other big tasks???

Here are some of the last photos I snapped around the tree.....

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  1. Your house was decorated so nice... You motivate me to be more organized. I feel blessed that the lord brought you into my life and I hope to spend more time with you this next year.. Much love