Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Poem

The day our Savior was born grows near.
Your hearts and souls are filled with cheer.
This holiday is not about good Old Saint Nick.
The message from the Angel to Mary was not a trick.

Baby Jesus was sent from above,
Son of our Father, gift of God’s love.
The three wise men traveled so far,
to Bethlehem led by one shinning star.

Jesus doesn’t want gifts for his birthday
or a stocking hung with treats this day.
He’s not asking for presents under a tree,
like selfish you and me.

Santa is just a story…
Why does he get all the glory?
The kids all wait for a man pulled in a sleigh.
Tell them the story of baby Jesus this holy day.

So during this holiday season
celebrate, but don’t let Santa be the reason.
Bring someone to church this Christmas eve
When they leave they may just believe.

Let your love for Jesus be know all year,
he died for our sins and loves us all down here.
Don’t let the tinsel, lights and trees take away
from the real meaning of this sacred Holiday.

By Mommy Self

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