Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve and Cristmas Day!

Our family had such a wonderful celebration over the last few days. It was so nice being able to see all of the kids open their gift and play with all of the new toys. We started out by attending service on Christmas Eve at City of Grace. Pastor Terry's message was absolutely amazing and I would have to say was the peek of my Christmas. It was not the traditional Christmas message you tend to here form year to year. He touched briefly on the economy and state of our nation. Pastor Terry is just so truly blessed with the ability to share God's word. After service was over to our house for dinner and gifts. I served ham and all of the traditional fixings. My parents, siblings and Nana and Papa all brought wonderful dishes for us to share as well. The kids were overjoyed with the hundreds of gifts they received. Chris and I were so excited they all received so many clothes. They are set well into the summer including shoes!!! We of course missed the Weitzel's who were freezing in Colorado and the Hancock's who celebrated with Janet's family in San Francisco.
Christmas morning started with Santa's gifts being enjoyed! The swing set was a hit, Chris assembled it late on Tuesday night and hid it on the side of the house. Jessica had the two older kids over for a slumber party and Chris figured he should take advantage of the time instead of the usual Christmas Eve assembly.
In the afternoon Christmas day the Self family came over for a brunch complete with cheese grits which were devoured by all. We were all glad Baylin was feeling better from having step throat and they were able to join us. After the house was cleaned and the kids were sleeping all snug in their beds I went over to my parent's to hang out with the Rolinger's. We had a gift exchange with the adults. My cousin Brealin and her husband Chris brought over their new baby Cohen. He was a absolute doll and a complete angel considering they had been going since 8am.
Gifts were not overdone this year and everything was so low key due to the economy. I must say I was happier and had a better time this year just enjoying our family. I think everyone else did too! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and a blessed celebration of Christ's birth. May the New Year bring you health and happiness.

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