Saturday, December 20, 2008

A 150+ sugar cookies.........

Yesterday I baked about 160 sugar cookies. There was no way I was going to be able to frost them all myself so I held a cookie frosting party with Tanya's and her girls. Mike, Tanya and the girls came over with pizza about 5 pm. Brooklyn, Jalen, Olivia, Lauren and even Liam got in on the frosting action. Well Liam enjoyed eating the frosting off the cookies rather than putting it on. Lauren frosted the most and to think I thought she wouldn't last long. Her cookies were defiantly 3D with all of the sprinkles and sugar decorations she piled on. Jalen frosted a few then ate them both.Olivia was really into the red icing.....she covered every cookie she did completely. Mike and Chris just hung out, Mike frosted a few but ended up eating them. After the kids were cookie out they watched a movie like absolute angles!
Tanya and I ended up frosting the rest of the cookies and somehow she still had the energy to go to the gym once everything was done! I wish all of you could have the privilege to taste these yummy treats but I only have 90 left sitting on my counter waiting to be bagged. I hope my neighbors like sugar cookies with a ample supply of sprinkles. Santa will be pleased to have such a tasty treat!

May all of your have a blessed celebration over the follow week.

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