Monday, November 24, 2008

Cabin weekend in Overgaard, AZ

The kids wondering away after pictures. They were pretty much done after about 4 or 5.
Stefanie and Jessica with the kids!
My sweet boys, Jalen is such a good big brother.
The little kids love Mimi and Papa's big bath tub.
We went up to Ben and Lila's cabin in Overgaard this past weekend to relax and take some family photos. The Rolinger's all came up with us as well. You can imagine how hard it was to get everyone ready and keep them clean for a few pictures. There were some lighting issues with all of the trees and the sun shining through some of them. We worked around it!
It was pretty chilly out I don't think it got much over 50 during the day, nobody seemed to be bothered by the cold weather though. The kids had a blast roasting marshmallows and making smores. Unfortunately there was not any snow fall but the boys made a make shift sled out of a wagon and went down the hills. I guess the next best thing to a sled right? Olivia was happy being free and wondering around and getting dirty. Liam hung out in his walker on the front porch. His original walker had finally seen it's better days and broke. I went ahead and bought another one last week on craigslist. It was well worth my $10! Can in really handy as a highchair as well.
The Wienman family was able to make it up for a night along with their twin 2 year old boys. I don't think the boys ever sat down nor did mom and dad. They were very well behaved and loved having free rome of the area. They brought up their Rhino for all of us to ride around and have some fun on. The kids loved it! It was very cold since it is all open, mittens and scarves were a must. The Rhino is fully equipped with seat belts and a roll bar to it is pretty safe.
It is such a privilege to have such a wonderful place to hang out at and enjoy our family. Thank you again Ben and Lila for allowing us to all us it. We all really appreciated it.

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