Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kristen's top 10 gift list of 2008.....All price ranges!

Love these robes!!!

Okay so I am not Oprah! Although I would love to have my own magazine cover each month with make-up, hair and wardrobe professionals. I have decided to put together my own top 10 gift list. These gift work for either a Man or a Woman and range in price.

10. Starbucks Gift Card, the way the economy is everyone is trying to cut back on without the gilt of wasting money!
9. Kai Body Buffer, this is awesome! I think is comes with two so you could give this to a couple.
8. The Shack written by William Young, audio book would be great for your friend that drives allot or goes to the gym.
7. Barefoot Dreams Robe A fav among celebrities and the modern mom, one of the favorite things I own!
6. A gift certificate for a mani/pedi...lets face it most men out there need this too.
5. Ulta III gift card, everyone out there uses beauty products and nothing better than buying them without using your own dinero.
4. Digital camera, I would think most of you out there own one by now but I know a few of you that are still stuck in the dark ages.
3. A coupon book made by you, can include babysitting, car wash, house cleaning, lawn work, message, breakfast in bed, romantic dinner or special activity of your choice.
2. A date night for a couple...include movie ticket, a dinner gift card, and a babysitting coupon.
1. Homemade Edible Gifts are always a yummy idea (no fruitcake) Include the recipe on a cute card in case your loved one would like to make it too.

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  1. #2 on your list sounds pretty perfect, including babysitting for Meeko. teehee :)