Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bling! Sashay....everyone needs a little sparkle for the holidays!

If anyone is looking for a local company to support, Sashay has gorgeous products. The owners are from right here in Gilbert. My good friend Vanessa Cuevas is a consultant. You can order from the catalogue or if you are coming to watch the fight at my house she is bringing her goodies to view in real life. Pictures don't do it justice, there products are so nice. They carry clothing, sunglasses, belts, wallets, hats, purses and of course JEWELERY!!! For those of you that have not had the chance to see the clothing it is so cute and very reasonable. Everyone needs a little bling in there lives! Perfect gift for the out of town person you need to mail a presant too. Here is the link to view the products
Let me know if you would like to order anything!

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