Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gilbert Fire Department makes a visit....

Monday evening I went out to the patio to cook some salmon for dinner on the BBQ. As soon as I opened the back door I could smell gas. I went over to the grill and could hear the gas leaking. I tried to turn the knob all the way to off to make sure it was not a slight bit turned but it did not work. I came back inside worried about what to do next....Chris came home from work about 2 minutes latter and tried to turn the gas tank off but was unable to. He called the fire department to come out since we had just refilled the tank about a week or two ago.

As soon as Jalen ad Olivia got wind of the fire department was coming they had their hair combed and were ready for action. The fire fighters showed up in full gear and came though the house into the back yard, turned off the gas and then stayed to make sure it was still not leaking. The guys were nice enough to take the kids out in the truck and show them all of the different hoses. They all even got a special hat. It was a pretty exciting night for them. This morning Olivia asked me if the fire fighters could come back today.....Thank you Gilbert Fire Department for keeping us safe and allowing the kids to have such a great experience with you.
The grill is no longer safe to use. Apparently it has a leak in the hose that runs to the burner. Fortunately it was purchased at Costco! Now that Chris is probably on there black list for returns I am not sure if they will exchange it or not but we will see.

Have a relaxing evening!

With Love,

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