Monday, August 31, 2009

Preemie Doll Reborn By Me!

This sweet girl was Reborn on August 30th with only 15 hours of "labor"...

Her newborn baby skin tone was established with many different layers of paint, veins delicately placed, a stork bite on her forehead, and even a heart shaped beauty mark on her left thigh all designed by myself. Weighted with glass beads to a perfect preemie weight of 3lbs. 2ozs. With her tiny legs bent she is just over 16inches long.

Her nails are all painted with white tips, lips are glossed, eyebrows, and her eyelashes were hand painted. She is even scented with baby powder and is wearing a preemie size Pampers Swaddler!

Baby's angelic glass eyes look so real! You are able to wash, brush and care for her soft top quality Mohair that was all hand rooted piece by piece.

I listed her on Ebay last night, her reserve is $99 and included free shipping! If she does not sell I know a little mommy that I bet would love to adopt her.

I going complete a Reborn prior to Christmas and hold a "special" giveaway, I am so excited to tell you about it soon!

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  1. YAY!!!!! I'd love to have a chance to win Bella one of those beauties.