Sunday, August 16, 2009

1st week of school....

Olivia started pre-school this past week and Jalen entered the third grade. Taking the time to comb and gel Jalen's 5 cowlicks into place prior to leaving the house was a waste of time, he tossed it around with his fingers once he entered the school gates. Apparently having your hair combed and in place is no longer cool.

Olivia attends 5 days per week for about 2.5 hours per day. The start time of Liv's class is just about 5 minutes after Jalen's starts, sure makes it easy for me to walk her to class after dropping Jalen. She has been a great comfort to her sweet new friend Simone.
Overall is has been an awesome first week for all! Liam is loving his time alone with mommy...and so is mommy!

P.S. Please pray for Liam today, he has a terrible cough coming on.

1 comment:

  1. So happy the kids are loving school! Olivia has on a very cute dress.

    Hope Liam is feeling a little bit better today.