Monday, August 17, 2009

Downy Orchid Allure Fabric Softner....A Must Have!

My mind/nose is fixated on this new Downy Simply Pleasures scent, Orchid Allure! The scent is soft, tangy pomegranate, balanced by a bouquet of exotic floral notes and finished with a rich, mysterious musk.

I washed all of my bedding and the bath towels in it today, pure heaven! Okay, okay so I dabbed a little behind my ear while adding it to the wash... once you have smelled it you won't judge me!

You must go out and try it, look for the black bottle and make sure you come back to tell me what you think!


  1. I will have to try it! I love Downy Simple Pleasures but I have not tried or even seen this new one!

  2. I love that softner, I tried it a few weeks ago. Were you able to find any online coupons for it?

    Thanks for the find,

  3. This is my new favorite too! I've been using the dryer sheets....they smell just as great. Try slipping a dryer sheet into your suitcase next time you travel or place a few in your linen closet to keep things smelling oh so nice :0)

  4. A friend mentioned this too. I may have to try it next, I usually just buy whatever is on sale.

    Thank, wish my screen was scratch and sniff.