Thursday, July 9, 2009

A cool 4th of July in Heber AZ.

Boo Boo loves Daddy!
Liam loved his 1st fireworks show, a little scared of the noise. Notice he was sporting a hooded sweater it was so cool out.

Liam wants a broom for his birthday...... he loved this one! Wow is Jalen actually sitting down?

Lots of time spent outside enjoying the perfect weather! The kids loved the fireworks show from the back of the truck.

We spent the cool holiday weekend at Mimi and Papa Self's cabin in Heber, it was awesome! Did I mention the weather was cool? Never hit even 76! Noah (my brother) came up with us too!

Hope you all had a blessed weekend.


  1. Oh liam is so big! LOVE the hair. Looks like everyone had a blast. I want to see more pictures of the cabin, looks like SOME cabin to me.

    Melissa H.

  2. looks like you all had a wonderful time :)