Sunday, June 21, 2009

Turn of events....

The Sunflowers are from our garden, I took them down to Papa's room. I wanted to make sure he did not miss the big ones...the picture just does not show how huge they really are.

Here is a update Papa....
On Monday, June 15th he was not doing well....I'll spare you the details....Tuesday he returned to the surgeon's office for follow-up. At this time they felt that he probably was having some internal bleeding and would need to be readmitted for a blood transfusion. His lab results revealed that he was not anemic, but his white blood cell was elevated indicating some type of infection and/or inflammation. A CT Scan was ordered for the following morning and within an hour or so the surgeon called informing us that Papa needed to return to the hospital to rule out a perforated bowel. We arrived at the ER at 3:30 pm and at 7:30 Papa was taken into the OR for an exploratory laparotomy (one big look see in layman's terms) The surgeons quickly identified the problem... a piece of the small intestine had slipped through one of the small incisions in the abdominal muscle wall causing a blockage (picture a kinked hose). Fortunately the bowel still had a good blood supply, no resecting would be required and the surgeons were able to "push it back where it belonged".
The renal cancer is totally unrelated to the lymphoma that Papa was diagnosed with earlier this year. But if it had not been for that one enlarged lymph node in Papa's neck and the many diagnostic tests that followed, the renal cancer would have gone undiagnosed and his prognosis would be much different today.
I visited with Papa last night and he has his regular voice back and seems to be doing much better. Chris and Jalen have taken Nana to the hospital this morning. Uncle Brett and Aunt Janet have been generous enough to get Nana another few nights at the hotel where Aunt Deb and Mom got her when Papa had his first surgery.
We serve an awesome God who is never surprised by the turn of events, even though we might be. He is the Great Physician who is able to do all we can ask or imagine! Thanks you all for you prayers....


  1. wow poor guy sounds like he has gone though so much already....
    Praying for him and hope he gets to come home soon. Please keep us updated.


  2. Glad to hear he is home and resting. Looking forward to more updates to come!!!

    Maria H. from NC