Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little April Rose A FAKE, A HOAX, A SCAM!

As most of you out in the blog world have discovered over the last 24 hours Little April Rose was a scam. A sad hoax Beccah Rose Beushausen mislead her followers to believe she was pregnant with little April Rose who had been diagnosed with Trisomy 13. Little April Rose's blog has been removed along with Beccah's art website and Facebook account. For all of the details I recommend going to the Gibson Twins Blog , she has allot of info.

It is upsetting that we have all prayed for "B", "D", and "Little April Rose" We need to pray for ALL involved especially Beccah, author of Little April Rose.

Be careful what you read in the blog world, not everyone can be trusted.


  1. Kristen:

    This entire thing has made me sick.....what would drive people to do something like this. I like to believe and see the good in all people and sometimes because of that I get taken advantage of and it hurts.

    I prayed, cried and hurt for this mother and baby and to think it was someone playing with my heart!!!!

    Yes...I agree it makes you not want to trust!

  2. Tina,
    I know we all have cried...I woke up in the middle of the night on Sat to check on "B's" labor progress....I was so excited that she was living when born. Very upsetting that someone could be this sick. All we can do is pray for B and her family.
    Take care.

  3. God has a hand in this....thank you for telling people to pray for her.

    I am heartbroken by this story, I put so much reading, praying and emotion into this blog.

    ~Wallace Family

  4. WOW,
    of little April Rose. So sad that someone would write a made up story.I dont know all the details,But I am prayin for whomever wrote it

  5. That is just darn insanity. What kind of sick person would do that? She definitely needs the Lord.

  6. I am so sad about this! Why would anybody want to rip the hearts out of so many people. We all had such an investment of prayer and love for this lady and for April Rose. It is just despicable! I am going to have to take down the link on my blog as well!

    By the way...I love the new look to your site. It is absolutely beautiful!

  7. Please continue to pray for Beccah. She needs our prayers now more than ever. There is something wrong that she would do this. Also, try to forget the scam part. His Will Wednesday's were wonderful. The blog made us think and pray for others which is never a bad thing. Also pray for Raechel because she was really drawn in more than the rest of us.

  8. Amy Louise,
    Your are right....His Will Wendnesday's was awesome and I thought a lot about that yesterday. She does need help, I am worried about her. I am praying for Raechel, she was mislead just like the rest of us, I can't imagine how hurt she is.

  9. I can't believe this was fake....wow, who could do this? She is a sick lady.

    I am shocked.

  10. How did they find out she who she was? I can't imagine who would be this sick to misslead people...and use the whole Jesus thing.

    He will deal with her. Glad you said to pray for her.

  11. His Will Wednesdays was great but it appears to have just been a ploy to drive more traffic to her blog as she was making money from advertisers off the number of hits she had. I prayed for her every day and I was glued to the computer on Sunday while she was 'giving birth' and I even sent her a little something in the mail a month or so ago. What a shame that it all turned out to be just a fraud.

  12. I didn't know anything about the April Rose situation until today. I read MckMama's post and found your blog while trying to figure out the story.

    I'm sorry y'all were all taken advantage of. It is a strange thing when we open up our hearts to those we have never met IRL, yet we feel as though we know them. And to have your emotions played on in such a way truly hurts. It makes it difficult to trust others, but what is our blogging community if we do not open our hearts to people we may never meet?

    Although I had no emotions, prayers, or money invested in this situation, I know how you feel. I was a "Kaycee Nicole" follower back in 2001 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaycee_Nicole). Look up the 'Munchausen Syndrome by Internet' phenomenon. People who do this truly are sick, and they are probably not after your money, but your pity and emotional support.

  13. What can come of this hoax, scam?

    Awareness for Trisomy 13 & All Trisomy syndrome variations.
    You can view many photos and stories of those with trisomy 13
    Prenatal, Living and Treasured Memory Album pages
    View the many variations of trisomy off the SOFT photo gallery page.

  14. K:
    Just for information, I have seen many people who do not want to believe this was a hoax. It was, I just read about it in the Chicago Tribune online. How sad!