Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden update 6-15-09

Shout out to the makers of Miracle Grow! Our garden is going out of control, literally!

We have watermelons! I see about 12 so far, sure there are more are under the thick leaves but I am too scared to reach under.

If there was a biggest sunflower contest this puppy would have to hold a blue ribbon! I may have to send in a email to Genus, stands about 8 feet tall..... it only has to grow an additional 17 ft to break the record!

Look at this now little 4LB pumpkin, it is a Big Max so I am trying to figure out how we will move it once we harvest. Maybe I will have to hold a weight guess contest!


  1. Wow it looks awesome!!! I kill all the plants that make it into my apartment:0(

    I changed the name of my blog and accidently deleted my followers grrr! Can you come back over and follow me again? Thanks darlin!!

  2. Sweeet! Send a watermelon my way. Great job!!!

  3. Rachel, I came over and added myself! Love that Hello Kitty house you had up! So stinkin cute!

    Have a good one! Are you watching House wives of NJ?

  4. Hire me to harvest :) They look great, you have done a wonderful job!!! How excited and what a great learning experience for the kids!

  5. OH, I want watermelons!!! I also have been thinking about planting sunflowers along my back fence... I think I will have to next year. They are so beautiful!

  6. Simply Amazing I will be asking you next year how you did it.