Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Starbucks Insulated Tumbler, A Summer Must!

The Starbucks tumbler is made of double-walled hard clear plastic which keeps your drink cold and your hands dry. THIS CUP DOES NOT SWEAT! It is reusable with a screw on lid and a rubber seal so there will be no leaking! It has a reusable thick green plastic straw with a notch toward the bottom so it doesn't fall out. I am so in love with it, the amount of drinks I have already had in it are uncountable. Most Starbucks are sold out but some are getting in shipments soon! Unfortunately the jerks on Ebay are selling the cups for upwards of $49.99. I believe the cup originally retailed for around $12. If my local Starbucks gets anymore in I will purchase one for a giveaway! Cross your fingers ladies…

Has anyone tried the Crystal Light Natural Peach Mango Green Tea? Delicious!I have always been a peach tea drinker but this one is more refreshing. Less than 5 calories per serving is a + along with the 99% caffeine free aspect.

Stay cool,

P.S. Mom thank you for my wonderful cup! Nana and Papa we are loving all of the juicy lemons off of your trees. Thanks.


  1. Great find, I love Starbucks thanks for sharing.

  2. Will Starbucks ever cease to amaze me?! They keep creating & inventing keeping me hooked. Seriously, I should consider buying stock LOL!

    Thx 4 the update =)

  3. Oh, that does look delicious!! I think I might make a midnight run for some tonight.... ^_^

    Your family is just precious! And what adorable little head bows!!
    So good to meet you, Kristin!
    I look forward to getting to know you more!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  4. That does sound like a great cup! I love insulated tumblers. I paid about $20 each for the 2 that I got from Tupperware. So $12 is a great deal!

    Thanks for the follow! It's always nice to meet new blog friends! Your family is beautiful!

  5. I so want one of those cups! I'm addicted to Starbucks in the worst way possible and love to get their cups/mugs. Buying the coffee there apparently isn't enough :P

  6. I have heard about these cups and have been trying to track on down for weeks. Great find, hope u find another one for a giveaway. That would be awesome.



  7. My bestfriend told me about this tumbler and I've been looking for one. I'm from Las Vegas and I can't even find a single one. Pls. post where we can order or except ebay its too much.
    Thank you!

  8. Take your empty tumbler into sbux and get 10% off your drink refill. At least in MD you do!

  9. Kristen, I too am crazy about my Starbucks tumbler. I am a Starbucks Gold card member and visit Sbuks at least twice a day for my favorite green tea. I have been using these insulated tumblers since march 2008 when I first bought one. I always get the same drink and had one of the baristas write on my cup with a Sharpie. That wore off quickly and then I started using a black oil base paint pen from Michael's. That was longer lasting but still had to be touched up every month. A month ago I was checking out the tumblers on eBay and saw a special one that is only available in Hawaii. It is so cute with special printing that says "Aloha from Hawaii" on it and and a drawing of a hybiscus flower. I bought one for $30.00 and was the hit at all of the Starbucks where I traveled to get my refills. Then I came up with the idea to create my own special artwork for my home town of La Habra, Ca. I designed a the artwork in my computer to print out on clear decal stock and now have personalized cups for a few friends. The decals are water resistant and after a month look great. If you want to see how my tumbler looks then email me at and I will attach some photos.
    Thanks, Scott