Monday, May 4, 2009

Random week of events...

Evidently lemonade stands are not effected by the economy. Jalen set up his stand (compliments of with Olivia and a few of his friends Saturday afternoon for about 1.5 hours. Selling out of lemonade at $.50 per glass brought in over $24. He was nice enough to split the earnings with Olivia. It has already been burning a whole in his pocket. They are trying to save it to use at the Diamondbacks game on Friday night. If you are going to be there Jalen will be running the Hot Dog race on top of the dugout during the 6th inning. More to come later!

Miss Ava Grace and sweet Max (my niece and nephew) got to come over and play Friday. After napping we made ice cream cone cupcakes and played outside. An ice cream cone cupcake would not be complete with out a candle, I asked the girls what we were celebrating and Olivia simply stated "being all together." Love it!

Is than an angel in our garden? No it's baby girl! Note that it is 90 out and she insisted on wearing her suede knee boots out to play.

I hope you and yours are richly blessed this week.



  1. Your daughter look so pretty in that garden picture. Great idea with the lemonade stand, good job Jalen.


  2. Oh my goodness your nephew is so cute, love his hair! Great job on getting the lemonade stand, when I went to the website they are done giving them away, darn. Good luck in the hot dog race Jalen.