Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mother's Day Photo Session Giveaway! By Kristen Self Photography

What better way to celebrate Mother's Day then with a photo shoot? I am offering one family photo session for a outstanding mom. I know every mom out there is special and important in each way, this will make it super hard to just choose one.
The session must take place on Saturday the 8th of May and will include a high resolution CD with all of your edited photos. The session will only include people in the immediate family (mom,dad, and kids) The session must take place in the greater Phoenix area, unless you are buying me a plane ticket! Your welcome to visit my website.
Enter your your wife/mom/sister/aunt/grandma...if they are a mommy they qualify!

You must enter prior to 11:59pm on the 23rd of April. A winner will be announced and contacted on the morning of the 24th.
Leave your contact info, name, reason of entry, and how many children she has in your comment below! Or you can email me at or my website, Kristen Self Photography

Can wait to meet your family!



  1. Christina 2 kids 3 boy and 5 girlI LOVE photos of my kids and family!!!

  2. You have the most adorable family ever! Great blog!

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  4. I am so proud of my daughter. There are many reasons, however first and foremost is because of the woman she has become through being a mom. She's a single mother and finds a balance between juggling 3 young children, work, and Church. Her eldest, Jonathan, is in Kindergarten and we're told by his teacher that he excels in class and has given him 1st grade work to keep him interested. I attribute his progress to her. She spent alot of one on one time with him teaching him how to write his name, letters, numbers, colors, and reading to him. Parker, her middle child, has barely turned 3 and can count to 20. He loves to read books for his Mom! He's rambunctious and her patience with him is remarkable. Then there is the baby, Nevaeh. She's just over a year and met life with a lung condition. She requires alot of monitoring in terms of lung specialist visits, medical treatments at home, and bunches of Moms attention. She's a thriving child who is always happy and has no idea of how fragile she really is. Mom doesn't want her to live the life of a child with a lung condition. She just wants her to live life to the fullest. Mom is heavily involved with Church and the kids LOVE it. My daughter and my grandchildren live with me and I am amazed on a daily basis watching her with her family. Words can not do justice to describe the kind of Mom she is. As you can imagine, funds are tight being a single mom and I just KNOW she'd love to have photo's taken of her and the kids. My name is Kym (the kids call me Funma) and you can reach me at Have a blessed day!

    April 7, 2010 7:33 AM

  5. I'm submitting Becky for your photo contest. She's a single mom in Buckeye with three kids. Had kind of a tough life, but she works hard and loves her kids. She can be reached at

    Matt S.

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  7. Hi Kristen,
    I would love to nominate my sister-in-law, Casey. She is an amazing single mother to 2 children and has been through so much in the past year. She recently went through a divorce and her ex-husband moved out of state and is not helping at all with their children. She is enrolled in school right now so she can finish her degree in the next year. I was at her house last night and we were flipping through photo albums and the album she had stopped in 2006. She had some photos of her kids taken at my wedding but she hasn't taken any decent pictures since then. She has never had a formal portrait session with her children, who are now 10 and 7 yrs. old. Her birthday is in May and it would be an amazing gift for Mother's Day and her birthday to be surprised with an amazing photo session with you. Thanks for considering!

    Lisa Whyte

  8. I am being selfish and nominating myself. I am a mother to two children. My son is 6 and my daughter is 2. My son is autistic and typically doesn't do well with photo shots in big studios with all the blaring lights. I would love a photo session with myself, husband and kids in a more natural atmosphere. We haven't had any family shots done since my son was 14 months old. Since then he's not done well in a photo studio. My family is my everything. I love to take pictures of the kids and hubby together but they are always missing me. I would love to win a photo session in a relaxed situation for my family.

  9. Thank you are for sharing your nominations with me. Between these, the ones on Facebook, and my email the choice will be so hard.I wish I could choose more that one.
    Can't wait...there is a big surprise on the day fo the shoot!

  10. Hi Kristen! I also would like to nominate myself simply because I love your photographs and want to capture the love on film between myself and my little angel Phoenix Jose. It is just us down here in arizona and we are finally getting settled after leaving washington for more opportunities for his health and my mental well being. You are extremely talented - especially to capture the spirit of the kids at ucp. Looking forward to finally meeting you in person one of these days.