Monday, September 7, 2009

Arizona Wildlife Zoo

This beautiful Zebra did not care for the piece of pretzel honey was trying to feed it! Look at the giraffe's tongue! It was over a foot long and black....yum!

DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS. We never saw a sign.....shhh!

The monkey we met was so sweet, he also loved pretzels and popcorn! He would grab your fingers to see if you had any left, his hand felt like rubber!
The kids were able to pet/feed everything from starfish to deer, they loved every minute of it.
Not only is the Arizona Wildlife Park a zoo but they also have this new awesome 3 building aquarium. You truly get your money's worth here!


  1. You should've called! You were literally 10 min from my house and we would've joined you :-) Funny though because we were there on Monday!

  2. Darn...I would have totally come over. We are talkign about getting a season pass so maybe you will be up for some crazy visitors?
    Talk to you soon.
    Are Tina and Mark back yet? I wanna see their pictures!