Sunday, September 28, 2008

Badger's football season '08

Jalen decided to sign up for Pop Warner football this season. Soccer is usually his sport of choice so this has been a real challenge for him, thus far. #46 is used to knowing exactly how to play the game and score, not the case for football. Jalen is enjoying himself and learning allot so that is what matters. During the first three weeks of conditioning (beginning of August) we had to have him at practice 5 times per week. Practice ran from 6pm- 8:30pm, very hard considering the first week of conditioning was also the first week of school. Jalen ended up getting through it without a problem. As far as Chris and I go we were exhausted and hardly saw each other for three weeks.

Now that the season is half way over he has practice on Monday and Wednesdays, Saturdays are game days! Hope you can make it out to a game sometime. Thanks to those of you that have come out to support our little Stud Muffin. I have to express my gratitude towards my parents who have watched Liam for us the past few Saturdays. Due to the heat he has only made it out to the first game of the season. The season runs August though November.

Good Luck Badgers!!! Go #46!!!

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